Mar 15, 2006

Playing the Odds

I get a phone call at work: I hear a big, long sigh... "Guess what your niece did?" At that point, I laugh and ask "What?" That's how the phone call from my sister started out.

Playing the odds... My niece has always been a gutsy type of kid. Picture this: Second to the last game of the basketball season. Before the start of the game, my niece makes a bet with her teammates: "If we lose, you have to do 20 push-ups in front of the crowd. If we win, I will dye my hair orange." Talk about motivation!! When did her mother find out about it? After the game. After the team won. Guess what? Several hours before the last game of the season, my sister dyed her daughter's hair orange. What a mom! It was a temporary color that washes out in 8-10 shampoos. As you can see in the photo, my niece's hair is very dark and the color didn't do much more than give her an orange tint. She made a bet. She played the odds. She lost. She paid her dues. I'm proud to say my niece has integrity! Her team did go onto to win the last game of the season. They started the season by getting slaughtered. They ended the season by doing the slaughtering. Way to go Lady Indians!