May 13, 2006

Creativity is in My Blood

There once was a little girl... with a little curl... No, no. Wait, that's a different story. Let's start over: There once was a little girl who was about 7 years old. Every now and then she'd "borrow" Mom & Dad's polaroid camera and take a picture or two without them knowing. She was sure to put it back so no one was the wiser (That's what she thought, but I'm sure Mom & Dad figured it out.) You see, this little girl was fascinated with how those little pictures came out of that box with the swinging door on the front. Soon that girl grew to be a teenager and wanted a camera of her own. Her wish came true one Christmas! From there on out, addiction was set into motion. When the girl became an adult, everyone encouraged her as talent became apparent. Soon she was taking every class offered for your average family photos. When those avenues were exausted, she went on to study at professional seminars. Having the photographic eye came easy and the education only fine-tuned her talents even more. You see... That little girl was me. I thought it'd be a good idea to showcase my photographic talents seeing as I've spent considerable time and money learning how to paint with light. I put a link in the sidebar for my photographic blog. A little note: A few years ago, my Dad gave me that camera I used to "borrow" from my parents.