May 12, 2006

Oh No! I guess I won...

the War. Or, at least this battle.

Remember the post I made several weeks ago about the fuzzy critters who were digging in my newly potted tulip bulbs? Well, I think *he* ate one too many!! It was either that or I had some way potent squirrel repellent: cayenne pepper and garlic powder! I came home from work today and found a dead squirrel laying right in MY flower bed! Ewwww....

It must've crawled there and died just to spite me! It wasn't there at 2pm when I was home on my lunch break, but was there at 5pm when I got home. Called my brother asking if he was coming into town (LOL). I needed someone to take care of the disposal proceedings! Ewwww....

Actually, I knew there was a sick squirrel a couple days ago. When I was home on my lunch break a squirrel just sat... just sat and LOOKED at me... from the neighbor's side of the porch. It had *that* look, you know the one... scruffy, shaggy fur... lifeless eyes. Course, it took me back in time... No, I won't go there (LOL). I guess his days were numbered. Again, I say Ewww!

Since I couldn't talk my brother into making the trip to town and disposing of it. I took his suggestion and got my shovel out of the garage. Scooped the stiff corpse up and made a funeral procession through the gate to the back of my yard and flung it over the fence into the brush.

Where's animal control when you need them? (Their answering machine: "I'm sorry we're closed. Our hours are 8:00 to 4:30. We're closed over the lunch hour. We're closed on the weekends. And we're closed during holidays.") Well gee, I guess nothing happens on the weekends, over the holidays, or for heavens sake on the lunch hour. Wally's on break, call back later.

I am sure all the Sciurophobiacs in the world are glad there is one less furry critter. May he rest in peace on the other side of my fence.