May 16, 2006

What is Papa Smurf?

A blue cartoon character with a red hat and white beard. No, this isn’t a round of Jeopardy. Just another atypical day in my life. As I sat in my cube working my way through the latest stack of paperwork, I noticed I had a text message on my cell phone. It came from a male friend of mine. “what is a papasmurf on a female?” it said.

After I recovered from disbelief, thinking to myself: What the?? I sent a text message back. “a blue cartoon character. Why?”

Response: “They said papsmart or something at the health dept. I was just wondering. I never heard of it.

Instantly, I knew he was NOT talking about Papa Smurf. I also was trying my best not to bust up laughing – not good laughing by yourself in a cubicle. People tend to think you’re off your rocker! Next thing I know, I’m left a voicemail message saying that he wasn’t paying close attention and heard it on the radio. Thought it had something to do with kids and maybe ice cream.

LOL Do you mean Pap Smear?” I texted back.

Indeed that is what he meant. I continued to enlighten this guy about the female’s glorious gyno exam. Giggling to myself (quietly), I texted: “Feet in stirrups, open wide, scoot your booty down. Yessssss, that’s it.

I got a text back: “I feel dumb now.

Not willing to let it go, I continued on: “I can see it now. C’mon kids let’s go watch Mom get a papsmear. They have ice cream too.

Still giggling, I sent another one: “Hey kids, wanna see where you came from? That’s were babies come out.

Response: “Don’t you have work to do?

The good sport that he is, he said I could tell this story just so long as identities are kept secret and taken to the grave. At least he has a good sense of humor.

LOL…. never a dull moment… never a dull moment.


ami said...

ROFL! Love it!

valda said...

ROFL!! That's hysterical!!

Jade said...

Thank you Meari, for teaching us, foreigners, another rather interesting and highly useful English term. We needed that. :D

Melissa said...

ROFL! Too funny!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Hahaha... This is a classic!