Oct 25, 2006

2 Tests Down, 2 To Go

There is a woman who sits to the left of me in Ecology class. Picture this woman feverishly taking notes while the instructor is lecturing... writing down everything, and I mean everything he says. And everything he writes on the blackboard. Also picture this woman making note cards to study from. Really, there is nothing wrong with note cards, if they help. Now that you have this image in your mind... Know, too, that this same woman obsessed for at least a week over taking the first test. OK, so we take the first test and she gets her score back – she was VERY disappointed that she got a “C”. Fast forward to tonight when we got our second test scores back. She got hers before I got mine. I didn’t see her score, but after she lifted the edge of the paper to look underneath to see what she got, she did this little happy dance with her upper body and hands. So I thought to myself: She must’ve gotten an “A”. That was not the case. Later, I saw she got a “B” and barely one, at that. She was the last one to finish the exam, too. LOL People are funny.

That brings me to my score. Drum roll please... I got an “A”!! What really amazes me is that the questions I really had trouble with were the ones I got right. Go figure! The instructor tells us that the night class (meaning us) does so much better than his other classes. One of my classmates says that's because most of us work jobs and we take school seriously, unlike the "Daywalkers". So that’s 2 tests down, and 2 more to go.

My group also got our Aquatic Biodiversity lab report back. The instructor had them for 3 weeks before giving them back to us! My heart sunk to the floor when I saw all the red on every page! Apparently, this instructor likes to leave comments – and lots of them. When it was all said and done, we got an “A” on it, too! Talk about relief. All the students were becoming worried because we have another report due next week and the instructor said he’d get the first ones back so we could see what we did wrong.

I’m waiting for an outline from my other group members so I can write the next lab report. Prairie Diversity, here I come...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your great test scores. I would have been nervous about all the red marks too. Glad it turned out okay. Good luck on your next report.

Kendra said...

Oh, I've been in class with that type of person several times. In some of my grad school classes, there were several adult learners (ie, not perpetual students) and many of them were exactly like your classmate - feverishly scribbling every comment, stressing over tests, etc. They worried enough for the whole class!

Congrats on your exam and lab results!

Shelleen said...

Congrats on your grades. The other lady overstudied and was probably to confident.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your A. Perhaps, that other girl was too preoccupied with taking notes that she didn't really take time to understand the lecture.

Keep up the good work.