Oct 25, 2006

Stashy Day

A trip to the post office and what do I spy? A big package from my secret sister! Woo Hoo... a stash fix. It's tough, you know, being on a stash diet due to the Project Challenge! So I take solace where I can...

In today's package was:
• 3 charts: Good Yule by Shepherds Bush, Feather Tree Friends by Schoolroom Samplings, and Christmas Roses I by Mary Beale
• a mini note pad/pen and magnetic list pad featuring Santa and Holly
• sleigh bells decoration (nice sounding bells!)
• a lavender journal featuring what else but Lavender!
• 2 skeins of SSS floss from my wish list (Mocha & Rhubarb)

I think there was a theme to this package, don't you?? Sleigh bells ring, are you listening... In the lane, snow is glistening... And you know what else? She's very sneaky -- She puts MY address on the return address part of the envelope! Thank you, Secret Sister. Thank you.


~Velda said...

Oh what a smart secret sis! I wouldn't have thought of doing that for the return address, that's brilliant! What a great package :)

Anonymous said...

Oooo, what a lovely package!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! What a yummy stash haul you made! You must have been a very good girl.

Anonymous said...

Meari,you are very lucky to have such a generous secret sister! My exchange experience lately has been very disappointing.

AnneS said...

What a great package from your secret sister - woohoo :D