Oct 13, 2006

I'm Holding Out

Really, I am. I’m holding out on turning on the heat as long as I can. Since I still don’t have a TV in my living room, I spend all my free time in my bedroom where the little TV is. I finally put the electric blanket on my bed last night... Mmmmm. After searching my house 3 times (That’s 3 trips to the basement, 3 trips walking around the house, and 3 trips looking in the attic.), I finally found the oscillating space heater I’d bought last winter. By the time I found it, I was grumbling to myself and internally yelling “How can YOU lose a heater that is 3ft tall?!” Do you know where it was? It was in the place I thought I had put it... and the very first place I looked... the basement! Perhaps it would help if I lifted my eyes a bit higher than the floor where one would think a heater would be sitting. I am thinking that I put it up on top of a table because the basement sometimes gets wet and I didn’t want my investment getting ruined. That’s what I get for thinking ahead! I replaced the fan on my dresser with the narrow oscillating heater (with remote control, mind you!). Fan is now a memory in the attic. Let’s see if I remember where IT is next summer. I was warm & toasty all night long... til I stepped out of my bedroom this morning. Brrr! LOL Hey, at least it’s supposed to warm up by the weekend.

When your coworkers casually mention the car is a bit loud, you don’t think much of it. They’re just jealous anyway. When your father complains about the loud exhaust, you start to contemplate getting it fixed. LOL

Last week, I took it to a shop to get a quote. Tongue in cheek, the mechanic says: "I think it sounds really good. My son would love the sound of this." Yesterday, I took my car in to have the exhaust fixed. Such encouraging news when the mechanic comments to me: “I’ve seen a lot of these and not one of them have ever had a rusted resonator.” The highlight was when I picked my car up, the cost was $25 cheaper than what I was quoted. Can’t beat that! The mechanic also told me that I shouldn’t have anymore problems with my exhaust since the rest of the piping is stainless steel (and it doesn’t rust). This mechanic was recommended to me by a lady at work and this was my first experience with him. I must say that I was impressed that he didn’t try to scam me. Me being a single woman and all. I’m guessing it helped that I was armed with information before I even walked in the door of the shop. My brother told me what was wrong and how it could be fixed. (Thanks bro!) In discussing the problem with the mechanic, I pointed out the problem with the resonator and he basically repeated what my brother said. Plus he offered me a ride to work, and offered to pick me up when my car was done. My car no longer rumbles when I drive down the street. Woo Hoo. Kudos to the mechanic!

Now that the exhaust is fixed, I can get a new TV. I’m one of those that overanalyzes large purchases to death before actually buying anything. I always want to make sure I get a good product for the best price. I’ve already looked at reviews online for various TV’s and visited several stores to see the ones I’m interested in. It’ll be at least a month before I can comfortably fit it in my budget... so no rush.


Kendra said...

Ooh, I know what you mean about the furnace. I could easily flip that little switch on the thermostat, but we're trying to hold out as well. It's supposed to warm up a bit in the next few days, so I'd hate to turn on the heat for just 2-3 days! I may have to confiscate the little space heater from DH's workshop for now. :-)

Greg said...

Turn the HEAT on! It's easy to do, just flip the switch. Already on here, since the temp is in the 40's. Next week I will flip the switch back to a/c. lol

Barb said...

I tried to hold out but it just got too cold tonight. Thank you for your comments to my blog and for wishing Whiskers Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, Meari! It snowed, and you STILL haven't turned on your heat??? Well, I'm cheap so I have to admit I haven't yet turned on my furnace---but we did firs up the gas fireplace in the basement, which is where we are most of the time. As far as your muffler, I have a story I'll blog and refer to your blog when I write it. ROFLMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL about the heater. I've done things like that before and would have been having the same internal conversation with myself tha you were. Glad things worked out well with your car. And have fun picking out your new tv. That's always fun.