Oct 1, 2006

Is It Monday Yet?

Appetizers...Maybe not
Never, ever use a microwave to make mozzerella sticks. LOL I thought I'd try it and let me tell ya, it doesn't work so well. :( Unless of course, you like scraping cheese off the plate and enjoy flattened pieces of breading. Breaded mushrooms, no problem. Jalapeno poppers, no problem. Cheese sticks just won't work.

Weekend Thrillers
What a busy weekend it has been! On Saturday, I tried my hand at canning salsa made of green tomatoes. It was the first time I'd ever canned anything. I'm proud to say that 10 out of 10 pints sealed. Woo Hoo. I also cleaned out the garage and re-potted my mums that I bought 3 weeks ago. In one of my pots, a maple tree sprouted so I've been letting it grow all summer. It's about 2 feet tall now and just starting to lose it's leaves. I re-potted it, too.

Remember my Ecology test? I found out my score last Wed. I got an 88 - second highest in the class. Soooo close to an A. Here I thought I'd be lucky that I'd get a C. Whew, one test down and three more to go. Today, I spent over three hours writing a lab report on the plankton diversity study we did. It involved taking samples of the scum-filled... err, I mean algae covered ponds and creek on campus as well as samples from the marsh in the classroom. There are three other people in my lab group. Two of them wrote an outline for the report. One of them did the charts and graphs. It was up to me to do a bit of research, fill in the blanks and write up the report. Getting it started was the hard part... so I thought. That is until I took a good look at the charts/graphs a team member did. It was not at all what the instructor told us to do in the handout he gave us to use for writing the lab report. So guess what? I had to re-do the tables and graphs. The four of us are going to go over it tomorrow night. If there are any revisions, I'll make them Tues since it's due on Wed night. We all share whatever grade the instructor gives us.

Freedom Update

Finally... finally... finally!! I have a good portion of the backstitching done on Freedom. I'm up to 174.25 hours. After it's finished, all that needs to be done is the poem, the soldier's information, and the buttons. I can't wait! My apologies, the photo isn't the greatest.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your exam! "Freedom" looks amazing!

Barb said...

Freedom looks greats. If my brother saw this he'd make me make it for him for sure!

valda said...

Freedom looks wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Freedom is very lovely1 I bet that was gross with the cheese in the microwave! Live and learn my dear! LOL! Sorry don't mean to laugh! way to go on the exam!

Dee in TN said...

Great job, Meari. It is just beautiful.

~Velda said...

Great piece Meari, so lovely! Congrats on the mark, that's awesome!!!!!!! I laughed out loud at your cheese experience, you're such a silly girl!

Shelleen said...

Meari, Freedom is awesome looking.

Azzie said...

Freedom is looking great. WTG! Soon you'll be able to say you did your first finish for the 50 Project Challenge. xx

Barbara said...

Freedom is awesome!!!
Barb in TX