Oct 16, 2006

If I Only Had More Time

This week's Monday Madness asked:

Name 10 things you would do if you had more time.

1. Travel the US and the world.
2. Completely organize and declutter my house.
3. Finish my college education.
4. Get to know my extended family.
5. Get more involved with the community.
6. Do more charity work.
7. Be a “Big Sister”.
8. Exercise more.
9. Spend more time on my hobbies/interests.
10. Learn to cook Japanese food.


Anonymous said...

Great list. :) I can't believe I left "volunteering" off of my list. It's one thing I definitely wish I had more time for.

Have a good week. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you could fulfill the nice things you mentioned on your list. Hope you get to visit many beautiful places. I love Japanese food too but I don't know how to cook. My husband usually makes all kinds of maki and sushi at home.

Take care!


Barbara said...

Oh, this is a great list!!