Nov 18, 2006

Pain In The Neck

Three days ago I fell UP the stairs and slammed my hand/wrist into the landing. My wrist hurt a little and I didn't give it much thought. After all my name is "Grace".. LOL

Yesterday, I woke up and the side of my neck hurt, like I'd slept on it wrong. As the day went on, it didn't get better. Not even after taking an Aleve. By evening, the base of my neck was all tensed up. I put some ice on it and went to bed.

I woke up this morning, feeling better. Only a little pain on the side of my neck. As I was walking down the stairs at 6am, my foot slipped and I fell down the last three, landing on my rear end!

I felt my spine jam up to my skull and the pain on the side of my neck was excrutiating! I fell forward and just stayed there for about 5 minutes, all bunched up, breathing heavily, waiting for the pain to subside. My head felt like 20 lbs on top of my shoulders! I managed to get up, and was a bit lightheaded! Since it was 6am, I couldn't call the chiro office. So, I took some ibuprofen and got an ice pack.

I can't even tip my head toward my right side. I do have a chiro appt... Hopefully, it will help.


Shelleen said...

Meari, ouch, please take care of yourself.

Barb said...

Oh Meari, Hope you get to feeling better. Hopefully you didn't damage your back or neck. Be careful okay?

Dee said...

Yikes! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Meari, I can't believe your bad luck. Hope you are all better soon... and out looking for a one story home!

Jenna said...

OUCH! I hope that you were able to get to the chiropractor and get some relief, you poor thing. *hug*

velda said...

OMG Meari! you poor lady!!!!! I hope that you're feeling better very very soon! And HOLD that railing!!!!!