Nov 6, 2006

!%@$*& ---> Car

Once again... My car would not start this morning! I had to walk to work this morning. It wasn’t so bad walking through a fine mist of rain. The kind of rain you can’t really see and you don’t really get “wet”, but it’s still there. Actually, I got about ½ way to work and one of my bosses pulled up and asked me if I needed a ride. Wasn’t that nice?

Timing this time really stinks. I have class tonight and am scrambling to find a ride. If it doesn’t rain, I’ll probably end up walking. Only about 3 miles each way, I think. LOL I might take a cab, I don’t know.

Ironically, I was *just* talking to my brother yesterday about the car turning over “funny”. And what happens today?

Two weeks ago, I finally got the exhaust fixed at the bargain basement price of $125! Now this. Hmph!

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Cindy said...

I am so sorry you are having car problems! I know what you are going through. We did not even have a car for the better part of this year. My SIL found us a little junker to get us around town though so that helps. Hope you can get are ride to class and get your car going soon!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a bummer, Meari. Hope you are able to get it fixed without it costing you too much. Good luck on finding a ride to class tonight.

Jenna said...

I think that car and house troubles are the worst. You never knowquite how much it's going to cost and you don't really have a choice. I hope it's something simple. Maybe your alternator is bad?

Carol said...

Aw Meari! So sorry about your car!

Heidi said...

Awww I so feel for you. We use to own this old mustang and it never wated to start. But my dad had taught me this old trick about putting aspirin into the battery to make it start a few more times. Though there was a lot more wrong with that car lol. The DH and I walked to work plenty of times. I hope you can get yours fixed soon as its getting too cold to be walking.

~Velda said...

Oh no! Time to get a new/used car! I hate when the timing is so awful ((Hugs))

Barbara said...

So sorry to hear of your car trouble. I can truly sympathize, since I was without a car since August. Needed a new starter and my son just installed it for me last week.
Barb in TX