Nov 30, 2006

T is for Thursday!

Saw this on Myrna's blog, and told her I wanted to play too! She assigned me the letter 'T'.

Here's the 'blurb' and my list:

Comment to this message and I will assign you a letter of the alphabet. Then go to your blog and post a list of 10 words that begin with this letter and what they mean to you.

1. Three – The number of siblings I have been blessed with. Thankfully, we all get along!

2. Teenagers – I have four teenage nieces, three who are 14 and one who is 15. Drivers, get off the road!

3. Tinsel and Tidings – Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? I’ve received about 8 Christmas cards and it’s not even Dec 1st yet! I’m even thinking about putting my tree up this weekend, which is very early for me.

4. Thread – I recently inherited a large amount of thread from a freecycler. Add to that the huge stash I already have. I need a good way to store all those spools in a neat and organized way. Any ideas?

5. Thanksgiving – Did you have a good one? Did you think about things you were grateful for? The weather was so nice, we at our meal on the back porch. Here it is a week later and a major snow store is headed our way!

6. Turkey Chicken Noodle Soup – I used the last little bit of my turkey the other night. I boiled the bird and made the most scrumptious turkey/chicken noodle dumpling soup. It was my own concoction made from things in my fridge. Did you know you could make dumplings out of refrigerated biscuits?

7. Time – Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future… LOL, am I showing my age? Actually that song was *before* my time. Time gets away from us, doesn’t it? Take time to enjoy the here and now, before it’s gone. Got your Christmas shopping done?

8. Tiny – That’s the size of my little dog. She’s a 4¼ lb. Pomeranian who thinks she’s a big guard dog. When she’s outside on her cable, she’ll vigilantly stand “guard” and bark at anything that isn’t suppose to be there. Problem is, she thinks anything within her sight is her domain! On the flip side, she’s the most entertaining bundle of energy you’d ever see.

9. Trash – Twice now I’ve tried to put a piece of wood out for the trash guys to pick up. It started out as a 2x6, about 4ft long. I thought they didn’t take it the first time because it was too long, so I cut it into about 10” sections. They *still* didn’t take it. Well hmfph. They’ll be taking it next week! I’m putting pieces in my household trash bag. If it takes me 3 weeks, they *are* going to take it.

10. Ten – 10 more days until this semester of college is done. It has gone by fast, and much to my surprise I actually like the Ecology class and am doing very well.


Anonymous said...

Okay I'll give it a go!

Anonymous said...

Might as well add me to this. Sounds like a neat idea.
Barb in TX

Berly said...

I wanna play too!! And how do you make dumplings out of refrigerated biscuits?