Nov 2, 2006

What Do You Get When... put together 40 accountants, 12 bottles of wine, and representatives from state and federal agencies?

A good excuse for birth control.

LOL, seriously now. I attended the annual state tax seminar along with about 40 accountants. Representatives from the Dept of Revenue, Dept of Employment Security, Dept of Labor, and Social Security Administration were speakers at this hoppin’ shin-dig. Even though I always learn something new, I’m grateful that some of the speakers have a dynamic way about the way they present. Keeps one from falling asleep! As for the bottles of wine… Yes, there was wine. Every year the association gives out 12 bottles of wine as door prizes. I actually won one this year, as did a coworker. What I couldn’t figure out is: The bottles say CA wine, but in small print they say “made in Chicago.” LOL Figure that one out!