Feb 13, 2007

Bite 'O Winter

Old Man Winter has decided to share the wealth. Over the past couple days, we've gotten about 10" of snow! Today with all the blowing and drifting snow, most schools and lots of businesses were closed. Prior to this, we've been suffering through subzero temperatures, with windchill factors that took us into 20-30 below zero. The roads are messy, sloshy, and nasty. Tomorrow, we get to pretend we're ice skating with cars since temps tonight will be in the lower single digits. Here's some pics I took tonight:

Early spring? Sorry Phil, I think not!


Cindy said...

Yeppers, I think Phil was way off! LOL. It looks mighty cold there!!! Keep warm!

Greg said...

Send it all to me, I will enjoy it. YAY!!! Yippeee!!!

Barbara said...

So sorry to see all your snow, but paaaleeeeese don't send any of it down my way. I moved to Texas in 1997 to get away from it and don't miss it one bit.
Barb in TX