Feb 9, 2007

You Wrecked My Truck, Didn't You?!

To My Darling Husband,

Before you return from your overseas trip I just want to let you know about the small accident I had with the pick up truck when I turned into the driveway. Fortunately not too bad and I really didn't get hurt, so please don't worry too much about me.

I was coming home from Wal-Mart, and when I turned into the driveway I accidentally pushed down on the accelerator instead of the brake. The garage door is slightly bent but the pick up fortunately came to a halt when it bumped into your car.

I am really sorry, but I know with your kind-hearted personality you will forgive me.

You know how much I love you and care for you my sweetheart.

I am enclosing a picture for you.

I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again.

Your loving wife.
P.S. Your girlfriend called.

You just don't KNOW how funny I think this is! You see, my ex had a truck EXACTLY like the one in the photograph. Shortly after we got it, I hit some black ice... did a 180... and ended up in the ditch on the wrong side of the road... taking out a barbed wire fence. I came to a skidding halt within 2 feet of a concrete culvert. The truck was fine except for a slight scratch on the driver's side door. When I called my ex, he was more worried about the d*mn truck than me. Never asked how I was... Just went on a tirade and screamed about how I wrecked his truck! I can still hear him screaming at me: "You wrecked my truck, didn't you?! You wrecked my truck!"... over and over and over again. You should've seen the look on the woman's face who stopped to help me... She could hear him screaming about his precious. (Too bad I didn't know about his girlfriend then.)


Terri said...

The funniest part of all this is the fact that anyone in Arkansas can actually afford a Ferrari! LOL

Greg said...

Uh Terri, that is a Corvette.....made by Chevrolet...

stitcherw said...

Loved it. :)

Cheryl said...

Thats funny!