Feb 19, 2007

Monday Update 2/19/07

I’ve made my mind up to finish Mime by Candamar Designs. It’s a 15+ year old UFO that my brother bought me when I started getting serious about stitching. It really wasn’t my style of stitching back then, or now but I’m going to finish it and add it to my “wall of stitching”.

I took my second test in my meteorology and got a 90, which was really good considering the class average was 73%. I think I’m getting into a “schedule” as far as getting my reading and assignments done.

Yet another family member has made a trip to the ER. On Friday, my sister was admitted with what we thought was a heart attack. The ER doc finally determined that he thought it was chronic gall bladder disease, and was to be scheduled for surgery this week. After talking to the surgeon, he’s sending her to another specialist to have some sort of upper GI test to determine if in fact it is her gall bladder that’s causing all the pain. Three immediate family members have been in the ER since Christmas! Who’s next?

I spent Friday and Saturday with my niece, since my sister wasn’t feeling the greatest. We had a good time shopping and watching movies. Hard to believe she’s going to be getting her driver’s permit in a few months! It seems like yesterday I was going to the hospital to see her for the first time.

Is it normal for a 42year old man who’s never been married to refer to his mother as “mommy”? Twice now in emails to me, this man has done this… and quite honestly it weirds me out. He was supposed to call me last week and two days later he emailed to ask me when he would call. His response as to why he didn’t call was “Distractions.” And something about his “mommy”. Now, today I get an apology email that ended in “I guess I blew it with you.” Yikes... For inquiring minds... I haven’t gone on any dates with this guy.

S wanted to do a day date... spend an entire day together, so I racked my brain to come up with activities we could do together for a good part of Saturday. Winter really is not a good time for dating! We ended up going to the historical museum (which he really liked!), the art museum, and bowling… where I found out that he is pretty competitive! I also found out that he compares me to his ex-wife. He’s only been divorced 8 months. I’m not sure how I should feel about being compared to the ex. I guess the good thing is that he says I’m nothing like his ex. My 15yr old niece text messaged me on Sunday: "Has he asked you to be his girlfriend yet?" LOL, isn't she funny?

Had a dinner date on Sun with T. It was a nice time. I can tell he’s ‘sizing’ me up by the observations and comments he makes.

Interestingly enough, I find it interesting how both men emailed/text messaged me after the date to tell me how nice I looked... and to ask me if I was interested in another date. Could it be they’re afraid of being rejected? It's very weird for me to be dating more than one person at a time - I've never done it before now. Everyone tells me it's good to keep my options open, and until things get serious not to worry about it.

Cough Cough
By the end of the day Friday, I had a little cough. I thought it was my asthma acting up since I’d been in and out of the cold air all day. On Saturday, I woke up with chest congestion. By Sunday, I had the rumbling congested cough. Didn’t sleep well at all. This morning I woke up with swollen glands and feel pretty yucky, but not yucky enough to stay home from work.

I went to a play called the "Odd Couple" on Saturday night. It's based on the TV show. The playhouse was packed. Two rows in front of me were a bunch from the red hat society. The play was really funny!


Pam said...

Hope you feel better quick, and no advice on the dating thing. I never really dated (that sounds weird, but true LOL) and I think your right, the Mommy thing would creep me out too LOL

Juls said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! And yes men at 42 still call their mothers "mommy".....I married one! Freaked me a little at first.....till I got to know him. Now it's just part of who he is.....good with the bad!

xsquared said...

I hope that NO ONE is the next one to visit the ER! Yikes, that's way too many trips for your family - I hope everyone is healthy for a long while now.

Dating: calling his mom "Mommy" when talking to her? Fine. Referring to her as "Mommy" in an e-mail? That would freak me out, too. Same thing with the comparisons - it is usuall for someone to compare you to an ex - but not to your face! Sheesh.

I hope you are feeling better soon! I was down all last week with the flu.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

So sorry about your sister! my but I hope she will be okay. hey, get some zicam and keep it on hand for those bad colds. it really works!

Barbara said...

I hope you will be avoiding the ER! Take care of that cold!!

stitcherw said...

Mime looks like it will be a fun project, and congratulations on your test. You've done great on both, what a way to start off a class.

Sorry to hear your sister ended up in the ER, your family does seem to have had a run of bad luck lately. I hope that they identify for sure what the problem is and can help her feel better. Also, hope your cough and congestion is better soon too. Unfortunately there seems to be an awful lot of bugs going around lately.

glenda said...

I have to say the mommy thing is a bit too weird for me....but who knows why he still does it....

Sharon said...

Hope you and your sister get to feeling better soon. Congrats on making a 90 on your test. Tell us more about your meterolgoy class. I think it's great.

Cindy said...

First of all, I hope you get to feeling better soon!!! Ok, mommy would weird me out a little too! LOL