Feb 5, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

Brrr! It’s COLD out there! The thermometer says 8 below zero F. Forecasters say with windchill factored in, it’s about 20-30 below in the frozen tundra of northern Illinois!

I woke up this morning to a huge mess made by my little dog, Celeste. Sometime during the night she got sick. Not only once… but 3 times! They weren’t just little messes either. It was disgusting!! How can such a little thing make such a nasty mess? (Think liquidy, smelly baby diapers, and you’ll have a good idea)

My car is still acting up. About twice a month now I find that the battery is dead and I can’t start my car. Even though I still have my brother’s battery charger, I went out and bought myself one. I had a 2nd mechanic look at the car today. He had the same diagnosis as the other one. Battery fine. Alternator fine. Starter fine. Basically, neither one knows why the battery goes dead on the car. The 2nd one did say that the serpentine belts need to be replaced and they could be causing the problem if they’re slipping. Aside from replacing parts on a whim, there isn’t anything they can do until something BIG happens. Nice diagnosis!! I guess in a couple weeks, I’ll have the belts replaced and see if that helps.

I finished my Project Challenge!!! I finished up a scissors fob for an exchange I'm in for another group. Can't show the pics yet until the person gets it. I’ve managed to get some stitching done over the past several days. I’ve been working on my OLDEST UFO, Mime. It's a Candamar kit my brother bought me over 15 years ago. I think it's about time I get it finished, don't you? I've updated my stash-for-sale album, too... if anyone is interested.

My online meteorology class has kept me very, very busy! It's all I can do to keep caught up… reading the textbook, doing workbook assignments, participating in online discussion threads, and viewing the online slideshows! The nice thing about it is... We have opportunities for extra credit by participating in online discussion threads. My first quiz will be this week. I took the practice quiz and got a 93% so hopefully I do as well on the real one.

Since there was a parting of the ways with D, all of a sudden I've got several people who are interested in going on dates with me. Funny how that works... You don't go on dates forever, and then all of a sudden there are 5! Go figure.

Saturday night, I took my nephew to the Monster Truck Thunder Nationals for his birthday. He will be turning 11 this week. It's become an annual birthday ritual since I've taken him every year since he was 4. He looks forward to it. LOL, for me... once you've seen one truck run over a car, you've seen them all. However, I'd rather spend the money and time with him creating these memories than to buy a toy that will be forgotten 5 years from now. Every year I buy him a tshirt… and every year he gets a Grave Digger tshirt. LOL I also get him a program book. After the show, we stand in line so he gets autographs of all the drivers. This year, the lucky boy got an extra tshirt from one of the ATV racers at the show. The back was autographed by all the ATV racers! How fun is that for a 10yr old boy??

When I was with my nephew, he said his Dad had been sick. Today, I got a text message from my SIL telling me that he’d passed out at work and was taken to the ER. Turns out he has pneumonia... and will probably be staying in the hospital for at least a day. I’m sure that he didn’t go to the Dr. prior to this… takes after my Dad like that. Don’t go until you fall to the floor!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Sorry your furkid got sick! those are never nice surprises either! YUCK!!!!!! Darn car of yours! Don't you hate things like that? i would rather know what is wrong thank you!

AnneS said...

I think all blokes are the same - my Dad is, most definitely! I hope you find out what's wrong with your car soon - I can sympathise with you big time, as I had the same problem ... I just leave my car alarm off now, and haven't had a flat battery since!

stitcherw said...

Sorry to hear that you are still having car troubles. This awful cold weather we are having probably isn't helping either. Hope Celeste is better now, those "surprises" are no fun, with 5 furbabies been there too. Looking forward to seeing your scissor fob when you can post it, as well as Mime.

Good luck on your test. Hope your brother gets better soon, men are so stubborn sometimes.

Sharon said...

I hate having car problems-hopefully you will get yours straightened out soon. More dates-sounds interesting! Men always think they are invincible-hope your brother is better soon!

glenda said...

I wish I could send you some of our weather, Meari. It was 44 here yesterday. Some sort of freak warm spell. Snuggle up!!!

Cindy said...

I do hope that Celeste is feeling better now. Sorry to hear that you are still having problems with your car. Can not wait to see pic of your finishes!! Well I am glad that the other men in the big sea are coming to their senses!! LOL The monster truck thing sounds like lots of fun!!

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