Sep 10, 2007

Monday Update 9/10/07

Stitchy Stuff
Today was a good mail day! Last week I was turned on to a 60% off clearance page at Village Mountain Stitchery. When I tried to place my order last week, the shopping cart function wasn't working properly, so I emailed them. They answered the email promptly, offered to process the order via email, and were quite helpful. Shipping was inexpensive and fast. I received the package today! They take Paypal, too. Plus, my order was 60% off. I'm a happy camper! Here's what I ordered:

Waxing Moon "Christmas Quickies"

Lizzie Kate Flip-It Bits for January, February, April & June

Lizzie Kate Snippet
"Just Married"

Bent Creek "Wedding Row"

Bent Creek
Red Thread Snappers
"Heart of Love"

Lastly, a chart that I did not order was included. It's a Snowman of the Month for November. It's a snowman dressed as a pilgrim, complete with turkey and gun. LOL

If you think that's all I got in today's mail, think again... :-) From Jana, I received a bunch of Little House Needlework Freebies. Thank you, Jana!

They say things come in 3's. Believe it or not, there was also a package from Rene in NV. She sent me the cutest little magnet for the refrigerator in my new house! :D Thank you, Rene!

OK, I guess I can't count! There was yet another stitchy-related envelope in today's mail. This one was from Carla. She sent me a cute little ladybug chart. I'm tempted to start this one tonight! She says it's a really quick stitch.

Just so you don't think all I did this week was shop, I managed to put a few stitches into NPLH #3. I'm about 3/4 done with it.

A Night at the Theatre
Friday night marked the opening of the 82nd continuous season of the local threatre. It is the oldest continuous amateur theatre in the United States. The 82nd season started out with "The Nerd" by Larry Shue.

Willum Gilbert has it all - a promising career as an architect, devoted friends, even, maybe, a serious girlfriend. But then Rick Steadman, the ultimate social misfit, comes to visit and puts everything in peril. The Nerd escalates into madcap farce as Willum tries to out-nerd his sanity-destroying houseguest.

This was a hilarious production! The entire audience was rolling in their seats.

The chiropracter swears that the muscles and verebrae in my spine are loosening up. Sometimes, I have to wonder! Today he did more work on the thoracic area, which he did get to "crack" not once, but twice. After the first time, with methodic heavy breathing, I said "You're gonna do it again?!?" Apparently, that was funny because he laughed and said "Yes, we're gonna try it again." Great....


Dawn said...

You new charts are great! The magnet is wonderful:)

Sharon said...

Great new stash Meari!

glenda said...

You are killing me, girl! With all that new stash you may as well go back to walmart for some floss LOL

I always look at it this way: you never know when we may be confined to our homes for long periods of time ( say 2 or 3 days ) and unable to go out for stash. I shudder to think! :)

Love rene's magnet.

I am very excited for you, I do remember when I was part of a house buying experience. You must be over the top since you did this all on your own. You sure do have a lot to be proud of!!