Oct 1, 2007

Creative Shopping

I belong to a Yahoo Group specifically for the city I live in. Members can list things they have to sell.

-- Chapter One --
I had an electric fireplace in the basement of my townhouse. S really didn’t want to move it and “encouraged” me to get rid of it. I really liked it, though! (LOL) I had to see his point, though – My new house has a real fireplace... why did I need an electric one and where would I put it? *sigh* So, I listed it for sale on the group.

Had three bites right away. The lady who bought it, drove from 25 minutes away. She was adamant that she wanted it (without seeing it) and wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to sell it out from under her. LOL No problem...

As we’re loading it in the back of her SUV, she tells me she has to get it home and unloaded before her DH got home because he didn’t know she was getting it. Ha – Sounds like my Mom!

-- Chapter Two --
On this same group, someone posted an upright freezer for sale. $25 less than what I sold the fireplace for, plus they’d deliver within city limits (Can’t beat that!). Went to look at the freezer. Called back the next day and told him I’d take it. I was glad they offered to deliver… The poor guys. They ended up taking the door off the basement and the handle off the freezer in order to get it down the basement stairs. Had to use a butter knife as a screwdriver because all my tools were still at the townhouse. LOL They were so nice about it, too. Told me if I had any problems with the freezer to let them know. Oh, also gave me a 10-day guarantee that it worked fine.

-- Chapter Three --
After the move, I decided that I wanted a different bed in the spare room. I listed a c-frame futon bunk bed frame on the group. Within a day, a woman drove 40 minutes to get it.

-- Chapter Four --
S and I went garage saling on Saturday and we found a bed. $15 cheaper than what I sold the futon frame for, plus the bed included mattress, box spring, sheets and blanket. The people even threw in a hunter ceiling fan that didn’t sell during their sale.

How’s that for frugal shopping?!?


Julie said...

That is great! I kept waiting for the bad part of the story, I'm glad there wasn't one.

Patty said...

AWESOME shopping Meari WTG!!!!

Marita said...

Fantastic bargain hunting and money saving. Well done.

Anita Sorrells said...

Can you come shopping for me???????????


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been keeping yourself very amused. I love saving on a bargain!

rose_michelle said...

Wow! You're good. I should take some tips from you, but then I frequent the Military Thrift Store here which is GREAT! They have sales like all the clothes you can fit in a bag for $1. And the best part is all of the $$$ goes to military scholarships.

glenda said...

nice shopping! (and selling)