Oct 28, 2007

Who Stinks?

See this cute doggie? Her name is Ava.

My sister got her from the humane society when she was just 8 weeks old. Someone had found her abandoned, tied up under a bridge. I hadn’t seen Ava for almost 6 months since my sister has moved twice and now lives over an hour away.

On Saturday, my niece invited me to the Halloween parade that she was marching in. She plays the drums. My sister invited me to stay at there house after the parade. After we got to the house, Eva came to greet everyone and I called her name and petted her. My sister informed me that I am the only one Ava has not barked at when coming into the house. Awww... she remembers me!

Later in the evening, I was watching TV and Ava came in the house. She ran by me and into the room where I was going to sleep. Next thing I know, my sister is yelling and asking my niece if Ava got sprayed by the skunk. Apparently, a skunk has taken up residence and was found eating crackers on their back porch the other night.

Within minutes, it was confirmed by the gawd awful smell permeating the house that Ava indeed had gotten sprayed (in the eye no less!). The whole house reeked, including the room I was to sleep in!! It was that room where she was trying to rub the skunk oil out of her eye... at least that’s what we think.

The odor was sooooo bad that I had to cover my nose and mouth with a blanket so I could breathe. It also gave me a headache. My poor niece got in trouble for letting the dog in the house. Poor Ava not only got sprayed, but then had to spend the night out in the cold shed. And us? We had to deal with the smell by opening all the doors and windows. My sister went around spraying air freshener and lighting candles. For a while, we thought I’d end up sleeping with my niece. But the smell, eventually subsided.

Did I mention this was my FIRST visit to my sister's new home? LOL


Anonymous said...

Awww, Meari, what a miserable event. Sounds like you all handled it with finesse.

rose_michelle said...

Oh, poor Ava. Sprayed by a skunk and can't get away from it.