Oct 19, 2007

Friday Update 10/19/07

One day last week, I spent an hour over my lunch hour getting a bit of pampering from the local cosmotology school. First, was a facial. Ahhhh... Depending on the student giving them, I could fall asleep right on the table. They are so relaxing. Then some maintenance on the bushy brows... a brow wax. There were some strays coming in so I decided to get them done. After all, it's an ongoing 2-for-1 deal they have. So how much did this pampering cost me? A whopping $6 TOTAL. If only there was a local massage school!

And look what was waiting for me when I got home from work last Friday:

A giant Mum made into an ice cream sundae!
Isn't it the cutest thing?

It was from S and in addition, he bought me some really nice tulip bulbs as a little housewarming present.

~More Flowers~
Several months back, I sent Cherie in UT a bunch of cuttings from my Maternity Plant. This week, I received a bunch of iris bulbs from her garden! Knowing it was going to rain, I dug a patch and put the tulips and the irs into the ground so they will (hopefully!) bloom next year. Once I get my garden beds in order next year, I'll move them to a better home. :)

Stitchy Stuff
I had four hours to kill while waiting for my Dad to have a test done at the hospital. In addition to listening to my Mom jabber on about everything under the sun, I sewed on 3/4 of the beads for Pink Carnations. I told my Dad that I needed another 1/2 hour so I could get the rest sewed on. Couldn't he do something about it? LOL

After getting back into town, I stopped at a local consignment shop. You never know what you'll find! Among other things (for the house), I came home with these:

Floss wound on plastic bobbins, several pieces of evenweave, wood tray

A little enabling: Hobby Lobby has all their cross stitch fabric (packaged and on-the-bolt) on sale for 40% off. This also includes bookmarks, bibs, towels, etc.

In their clearance section, I found this:

What is it?? I almost walked by it... It's an Elan Lap Stand! Quite compact, isn't it? These stands cost anywhere from $70-95. I got mine for less than $15!!! Not only that, they had a chart holder for less than $15. Holders run anywhere from $40-$60.

Are you sick of hearing about it? LOL I have yet another Freecycle find! It's a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash Kit. The kit came with the original box, flash cover, and user's manual. The flashbulbs came from rummage sale where I bought the Baby Brownie. These were made from 1950-61. Another nice addition to my camera collection! :)


Marcy from SC said...

Hi Meari,
I had one of those cameras! I think I even had the flash unit...at least I remember changing bulbs :P
What a find!

Anita Sorrells said...

OMG I am SOOO JEalous with your lap stand purchase. I have wanted one of those with the chart holders FOREVER and have not been able to aford to buy one. What a great buy for you.

Loved the flower sundae! What a fun idea! I know you are busy with the new house and all, but sure miss your bantering!

Sharon said...

Meari, what excellent finds! The camera is very cool. Sounds like you are settling in and S. is so sweet and helpful. Hey! did you change your rss feeds-I usually get a pin when you update-but not the last two I think. Maybe it's me. Take care!

Christine H said...

Meari, never can hear to much about freecycle. Still think it's the greatest. Congrats on your great finds.

Julie said...

Thanks for the update! Its good to hear from you. I'm thinking maybe I should you some cash and have you pick up some goodies for me! I love your stash additions and the sweet flower arrangement from S.

Marita said...

Great scores! I love the lap stand, that is very cool.

Great to hear from you again.

Erica said...

Love the mum/sundae. What a neat idea. I might just steal that one.

Great finds at the consignment shop and Hobby Lobby. I have an Ergo floor stand and just love it - I'm jealous of your Elan. :-)

Sounds like you're settling in a bit to your new place. I'm very happy for you!

Kathryn said...

Those are great finds from the consignment shop. I never find anything in our local shops. If I was home more on weekends, I would like to go to more estate sales. I'm sure there must be stitching stuff that is just getting thrown away because very few people stitch around here.

glenda said...

Great finds! I wish we had a hobby lobby - i hear of so many stitchers finding great deals.

Your "sundae" is adorable. He did good :)

Jeanne said...

What a great find with the lap stand! The Elan is my favorite.

And I _love_ the sundae. It's so cute!