Oct 1, 2007


I spent all day and night Thursday cleaning the townhouse – It’s way cleaner than when I moved in...

On Friday, I moved the fish and aquarium. Much to my dismay I had to hold funeral services for EIGHT little fishies that croaked within an hour of moving. Wouldn’t you know the pretty, colorful ones were the ones who went to the big aquarium in the sky. :(

Yesterday, the last of my things were moved from the townhouse apartment to my “new” home.

Adios! Good riddance to flooding townhouse and nasty, evil neighbor lady!!

S and I also managed to get my bedroom furniture in my room and arranged in working order. One of the dressers is a long one with a huge mirror. Six years ago, I bought the furniture before I knew where I was moving to. At the townhouse, the mirror was too tall to be installed so it was stored up against a wall for the last six years. S put the mirror on the dresser for me – Boy is it tall!! It works out, though since there isn’t much room in the bathroom to get ready. I’ll just do my hair and makeup in front of the big mirror!

We also arranged some of the living room and the computer room. Things are still stacked everywhere in every room, but at least people can walk through the house without having to step over boxes to get from room to room.

My goal for this week is to get the kitchen cupboards wiped out, lined with contact paper, and filled with some dishes.


Julie said...

Sorry to hear about the fish! But glad you're rid of the apartment and its problems. Welcome Home!

Alberta ('Berta) said...

SOunds like you have it all planned out. May I make a suggestion? Instead of the sticky backed contact paper, try and find the 'rubbery waffle type shelf liner'...easy to cut and install, keeps things from sliding around and lifts out when you want to wipe underneath.

Anita Sorrells said...

Way to go with your progress in the unpacking. Just make sure and take time doing ti, don't feel like you have to do it all at once! Sorry about your fish :( Hopefully once you get settle, you will be able to add some new mates to tank.

Kathryn said...

Oh, yes. I agree with Alberta ('Berta) -- waffle type shelving material for sure. Much easier to install and clean (and remove if it comes to that).

We move the big furniture from the old house in Maui to the new house in Maui on Thursday. We spent 12 hours last Tuesday moving all the small stuff. All contingencies are removed and the house will be GONE on the 9th. Believe me, selling is just as satisfying as buying.

kathy K said...

Awwwwww, poor fishies.

Glad to hear the neighbors from H@$% are history. Enjoy your unpacking. Slowly but surely.


glenda said...

way to go girl! Now you can take your time to set up your new home (not that you will - take your time, that is LOL)

Enjoy your spoils!