Oct 29, 2007

What Else?

As if skunks and relationship problems weren’t enough, I received notification that my chiropractic benefits have been used up for this year. I’ve gone to the chiro 3 times since the benefits have expired! Yikes. That’s $200 I don’t have right now. My arm isn’t totally better yet and the doc wanted me to come once a week. Since I don’t have insurance, we’ve extended it to 3 weeks until next year. Hopefully, that will get me by.

I had my pre-op physical and lab work done last week. It seems I’m healthy for surgery on Thursday. It’s my first surgery and I’m a bit nervous. It doesn’t help that when I tell everyone one that I’m having my tonsils out, they all have “horror” stories.

On top of that, I’ve had migraines since Wed and cramps started yesterday. (I know... TMI) Usually, I take Midol to take the edge off but with surgery coming up I can’t take anything. I’ve never not taken anything because it’s just too painful. Since I can't take anything right now, I’ve been miserable and suffering through.

Suffice it to say the past week was not a good week.

I woke up this morning telling myself “Today is going to be a good day. Today is going to be a good day.” Before even opening my eyes and getting out of bed. During my shower, I thought about several things I am grateful for. I picked out a nice outfit for work and made special effort with my makeup. I figured if I gave myself some positive self-talk and I looked really good, my spirits would be lifted.


Kathy Kiley said...

Just take a deep breath and keeping repeating your mantra. "Today is going to be a good day" maybe it will be true. :)
Good luck with the surgery. Just keep thinking of all the ice cream and yummy jello. Well, not hospital jello. LOL
I'll be thinking of you.

glenda said...

You sure got smacked around by life this week! Take care of yourself and i hope the surgery is very uneventful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari,
I don't have a horror story, I didn't have it done. I'm sure it isn't always bad, they should have told you after the surgery. We will be thinking about you and giving you cyber hugs.
Your friend Sandy P.

Anita Sorrells said...

I am sure that you will be fine through this surgery. There are many MANY people who have been through it, and come through just fine! Your healthy and young. I will add you to my prayer list for Thursday!