Jul 21, 2008

Ben Franklin times Two

You know, I really love when I figure out problem children and can articulate it to the auto repair shop. As I thought, the window master switch was bad on my car. It was fixed within 20 minutes at a cost of... *drum roll, please* $178. Not quite two Ben Franklins. I was lucky enough to receive some change back. And as Chiloe said: My wallet is now afraid to come out of hiding in my purse. LOL

Guess what happens when you reach inside the car and unlock the door? Can ya say “Alarm”?!! My car was locked but the window was down far enough I could unlock it rather than walk in the house to get my keys to do the job. Imagine my surprise when I heard “BEEP!!! BEEP!!! BEEP!!! BEEP!!! (That’s what I get for being “lazy”, eh?) At least now I know that the alarm system on my car works.


Chiloe said...

Well, a bad and good surprise : all in one day . By the way, you should be very friends with the guys at the shop by now: no discount for frequent customer ??? lol

Barbara said...

Sorry for the expense. Yep, it's always something! I bet you jumped when the alarm went off. LOL I wouldn't have thought the alarm would have been triggered by you unlocking the door. I mean, the window WAS down. Oh well!
Barb in TX

Jenna said...

That much for 20 minutes is crazy. The part couldn't possible have cost that much. Well, cars are expensive, aren't they? The beeping from the car alarm must have really been a surprise. LOL.