Jul 21, 2008

Marvelous Monday Update 7/21/08

Not a whole lot to report this week. The trip to the ER and overnight stay at the hospital threw my whole week out of whack. I haven't stitched at all, nor have I gotten anything done around the house.

I'm thrilled to see the recent torrential rain falls didn't wash away the seeds in my garden, specifically the baby romaine lettuce I planted. They're actually coming up! The climbing peas are reaching their way upward, so I put up a string trellis. I'm hoping it will be strong enough.

The cherry tomato plant has a ton of little tiny baby tomatoes. Woo Hoo! The regular tomato plants have several green tomatoes, too.

Lastly, my cucumber plants are starting to spread out and actually look like cucumber plants.

Homestead News
For months, I've been looking for just the right (size) over-the-toilet shelf. My bathroom is really small and most OTT shelves are pretty deep and too wide.

This one was labelled as "compact" and it matches the bathroom vanity pretty well. It was a little tricky to put together at certain points, but I got it. (Woo Hoo!) It looks black, but it's really the rubbed oil bronze finish.


Chiloe said...

Gardening is a lot of fun and you get organic food ;-) I wish we had a house .

Katrien said...

I like your 'over-the-toilet-shelf'; I have a very small bathroom too, so, great idea!

Lisa said...

How thrilling to see your baby tomatos! The OTT shelf system is very pretty. Your Homestead Chronicles are becoming a favorite of mine :-)

Jenna said...

Your garden is coming along quite nicely! I'm envious, as I didn't manage to get anything in the ground this year, except weeds. ;) I love your over the toilet shelving. It looks great!

Barbara said...

You don't waste any time getting busy. Weren't you just in the hospital? Guess nothing is ever gonna keep you down, Meari. Glad all the tests showed up no problems. Love your new bathroom shelf. And your garden is looking good.
Barb in TX

Patty Smith (ILCS) said...

Your veggies are looking great Congrats. I got the books the site you recommended from the library I will pick them up tomorrow. Love the shelf for your bathroom.

Sharon said...

Garden is looking pretty good Meari! I tend to kill everything I touch-lol Love the new shelf! Very nice.