Jul 14, 2008

Marvelous Monday Update 7/14/08

I've finally managed to get the rest of my little vegetable garden planted. Yes, I know it's kinda late. Oh well. I've got 3 tomato plants, 3 sets of climbing pole beans, 3 rows of baby romaine lettuce, 3 hills of bush cucumbers, and a row of climbing snap peas. The green beans are about 8" high already and *something* is eating up the leaves! I've started to sprinkle with garlic powder and will do cayenne pepper, too. That seemed to do the trick last year.

Will my 6 bags-at-time mulching project EVER be done? Let's hope so! I put down some more mulch this past weekend. I'm about 2/3 done.

Here's one of two planters I created this year. It's growing in nicely!

Here's a closeup of the Goldfinger Potentilla bushes that line my garage in the backyard:

I wish I could visit this garden: Beijing Olympic Garden. Absolutely stunning!

The Dating Game
Some of my faithful readers remember S from last year. We had some good times and I thought things were going OK until he whigged out over the fact that I dared to correct his kid misbehaving in MY home when Dad didn't. Details HERE.

Right before the July 4th holiday (almost a year later), he came to pick up the stuff he left at my house. Yes, I know... I'm a nice person for keeping it in my garage all that time. LOTS of people gave me suggestions as to how to dispose of it... Burn it, Sell it, Freecycle it, Give it away, etc. etc. I put it all out in my garage last Fall so it wasn't in my way. He showed up and acted like we were friends/buddies... like NOTHING happened! Are men *really* THAT ignorant? He let it be known that he wasn't dating anyone, too. Like I'd care about that? Here's the real kicker: He sent me a text message last Wed asking me if I wanted to go to a Thai restaurant with him! One of my friends said: Did you tell him HELL NO!? I wanted to text back and say: "Obviously therapy isn't working... What makes you think I'd want to go with you after the way you acted??" The man couldn't even bring himself to talk to me on the telephone after the "incident"! Geesh.

I texted him back, "Are you asking me out on a date?" He said yes, and when I didn't answer he sent me another text: "Are you still thinking?"

Yeah, I'm thinking all right...

Each time I receive something from a Freecycler, I thank my lucky stars. Being a new homeowner, there are lots of yard tools that I've needed to get and it can get expensive! I received this weedeater from a lady on Freecycle:

It's only a 7" cut, and the battery only holds a charge for about 20 minutes, but it'll do until I can afford to buy a bigger one.

Stitchy Stuff
I fell off the wagon and broke my self-imposed stash diet. I couldn't resist. These are cross stitch miniatures kits:

Aren't they the cutest things?

I've always loved books and reading. When I moved last year, my Dad was in disbelief at how many of my boxes contained books. LOL With that said, I rarely have time to read books of my own choosing... usually I am reading textbooks for school. Since I've had the summer off, I've actually read two books! What were they? Totally and utterly useless reading material, yet entertaining. ;-) Harlequin Intrigue novels! It's been decades since I've read Harlequin. These "intrigue" novels are advertised as a "breathtaking romantic suspense" series.

Phantom Lover by Rebecca York
Bree Brennan goes undercover as a schoolteacher to protect Troy London at the request of his sister. From the moment she arrives at the beautiful old mansion by the sea, Bree's encounters with dangerous tenants, ghosts and hauntings crank up the suspense. But Troy is not to be found—at least not in physical form.

I really don't think this had much suspense in it. The ending wasn't what I expected and the crux of this story was (to me) rather strange.

Under Lock and Key by Slvie Kurtz
Isolated in the family castle because of a childhood disfigurement, Melissa Carnes is in danger and doesn't know it. Her uncle calls in a favor to get hard-hitting investigative journalist Tyler Blackwell to protect his niece and find out who is threatening her.

This story kept my interest from beginning to end. It had all the elements of a romantic suspense: a dark castle, an incredible hero, a heroine whose courage is tested, tension and a twisted ending.

Can you say "Yummy!"?

Grilled Bourbon-Glazed Salmon,
Grilled Candied-Basil Carrots,
Grilled Dill Potatoes,
Iced Suntea


Kelly said...

I love reading your blog. Those minatures are just so cute!

Patty Smith (ILCS) said...

Those miniatures are the cutest ever never seen anything like those. Your garden is looking great... hope your veggies produce lots, I don't have room for a garden the flowers I have were planted already, so i may try some container gardening next year.
Take care,

Suzann said...

Love the flowers and those miniatures are certainly cute. Yes, men really are that stupid. I'm married to one and I gave birth to 2.
certainly looks like a yummy dinner and how awesome that you were able to get useful goodies through freecycle.

Deirdre said...

I LOVE the miniatures!

I read HQ Intrigues when I am looking for a quick read. They are fun and easy! I have way tooo many books and it just drives my DH crazy!

Your planter is gorgeous! You have a green thumb (mine's black).

Rene la Frog said...

Your flowers look so pretty. You will have the prettiest yard on the block when you are done.

Love the stitching mini's, they are adorable

Jenna said...

Are you serious about S?!? Boy, he has some nerve. Very nice of you to hang onto his stuff, though, and make sure that it got back to him. You're a class act. :)

Katrien said...

Those miniatures are gorgeous!! Well, I admit, I read Harlequin novels too :-)

Shari said...

you do such a wonderful job on your blog!! No wonder you have so many visitors!!!
Your flowers are beautiful. LOVE the miniatures!!!
And wow...your freecycle group must be amazing!!!!!

Chiloe said...

I think S mistook you for someone else !!! lol

Nice miniatures : where did you get those? I never saw those.

Anonymous said...

VERY yummy!!!
The miniatures are so cute - where do you find all that stuff you come up with???
I left something on my German blog for you (plus translations) - please have a look at:
Hugs from Germany,

Anonymous said...

Those miniatures are lovely, Meari. As for men, not all of us are that ignorant. There are good numbers of men that are, but not all men. Sorry, that you had to deal with one that is that ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had the migraine at that beginning of the weekend. Looks like the rest of the weekend turned out great for you. Love the mini's....just adorable. Tell S it may take you til the end of time to decide on the date! Love all your lovely finishes you got done too. Nice roll for 3 in a row.
Debbie Jo

sales said...

Wow, you've done great with your garden and freecycle. I also like the RAK you received.

Srinity said...

Adorable minis! What comes to men, it's great that there are good guys too but sometimes the rotten ones just take all of the attention... :)

Debra said...

Meari, great kits. Love the pictures of your flowers.
Debra in Indiana

Janine said...

Dear Meari, I so love reading your blog. Your energy astounds me and all the treasures you find are fantastic. Your garden is coming along so well. Thank you so much for providing such an insite into your life. I feel so privileged.

Terry said...

Flowers are beautiful. Can't wait to see a picture of the yard when you have it just the way you want it. How did your brother like the wedding pictures?

Barbara said...

Love the miniatures. Gotta show the pics to my daughter (she makes miniatures). Your flowers are lovely and you have an awesome freecycle group in your area. Sure wish mine were even a quarter as good as yours. As for men, yep MANY of them are real pieces of work. I'm happily divorced for nearly 22 years after a 22 year marriage. I should have gotten divorced MUCH sooner!!! As for S, you certainly can do much better! ;D
Barb in TX

Sharon said...

Your flowers look great. I always wondered happened to S. I can't believe he acts as if nothing happened. So are you really thinking or was that meant sarcastically?LOL

Lisa said...

I've seen these miniatures somewhere, just dont remember where. Where did you get them? Adorable! Another great freecycle find I see, wonderful! And yes, *most* men are really ignorant. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous! I love seeing all the colors, one of the things that makes your house a real home. You'd think I'd be all typed out after my email to you, LOL...but Noooooo...lol :-)

glenda said...

So, are you still thinking? LMAO

I love the cross stitch miniatures, where did you get them? Or maybe a better question is who makes them?

we are gonna have to duct tape that guy to the curb, for goodness sakes!!!