Sep 22, 2008

Marvelous Monday Update 9/22/08

Getting Fit
I am so proud of myself for fitting in some exercise almost every day this week! :D My muscle actually ache when I'm not moving, not too bad though.

• WAYW DVD 3miles (cardio/strength training) 48 minutes
• CS Sexy Abs (ab workout) 15 minutes
• CS Sexy Abs (ab workout) 15 minutes
• CS Sexy Abs (ab workout) 15 minutes.
• CS Sexy Abs (ab workout) 15 minutes.
• WAYW DVD 3miles (cardio/strength training) 20 minutes
• Push mowed the lawn (cardio) 90 minutes
• WAYW DVD 3miles (cardio/strength training) 20 minutes

Ack! What's up with *these* men?!!

Text Messages I've received:
8/12 from S - Dinner 8/22. Your choice. (I didn't answer)
8/29 from S - How ya been? (Again, I didn't answer)
9/1 from B - Smile babe (can't repeat the rest, TMI -- I haven't spoken to or texted him in YEARS!!!)
9/3 from S - Why you don't respond 2 my texts? (Well, duh...)
9/5 from B - I miss you, honestly (Geeze, after 4 years and he still misses me?)
9/6 from S - Picture message of a praying mantis @ his workplace. (Why would I care about that?)
9/7 from B - I'm just looking for someway to tell you how good it felt to hold you (Ack!)
9/15 from S - Wanna get food Thurs? (Uh, no)
9/18 from S - Wanna go for a bike ride? (No, I have to study)
9/18 from S - Study on a Friday night? Lame. (Grr!)
9/20 from B - Various VM and texts (I am SO glad he lives far away and doesn't know where I moved to!)

I don't dare text anything to B, otherwise he'd take that as a sign I'm interested. Been down that road MANY times. How many times is S going to ask if I wanna have dinner before he figures out the answer is "No!" Yikes... are they really that clueless?!

NOTE: For anyone not familiar with these guys... They are EX's (one from a year ago, and the other from at least 4 years ago)... The past just doesn't die. LOL

Stitchy Stuff

Last week Petra had a giveaway on her blog, which I was one of the lucky winners. In Tuesday's mail, I received a thoughtful card along with this -->

There are some really cute charts in it. Thanks again, Petra!

After finishing my breast cancer piece in the last post, I started my September Christmas Ornie SAL. I'm doing the Snow Poem Tree with Anchor 1345. Talk about frustrating! That floss knots up quicker than a head of hair rolling around in a haystack. (Boy am I glad I didn't invest in this line of floss) Yes, yes... I know.... I could use Thread Heaven. I do have some and I might try it. So far, I have the bottom row of the tree done. I decided to do the poem itself in a solid color DMC that matches the varigated Anchor. The "ornie" will probably end up being a flatfold since it's a tad big for an ornament. Then again, it would make a pretty doorhanger. Decisions, decisions...

5 hours of stitching

You know how it is when you get a new toy... You *have* to play with it. After watching a couple videos and YouTube about the crop-a-dile, I set about the house looking for things to punch holes in. LOL Here's a belt I have (notice the two holes on the left side that I punched using a nail? Cute, eh?)

I re-punched the holes on the left and put eyelets in all of them. Doesn't it look SO much better? It took all of 3 minutes, maybe.

I spent most of the weekend reading, taking notes, and studying my chapters for the first test in Principles of Management on Wed. Ack! The first test is always nerve-racking... who am I kidding? They're *all* nerve-wracking. The first is the worst, though. My saving grace is the instructor is the same one I had for B-Law II so I know his style, which means study for EVERYTHING.


Shari said...

overall, it sounds like you had a great weekend Meari!!!! Love the new piece you have started. The colors are so pretty!!!!
Congrats on your win!!!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Meari, congrats on doing your workouts! I want to try to exercise every day, too. Last week I managed 2 1/2 times. I have hit a plateau with Weight Watchers after losing 10.4 pounds and have been stuck at the same weight for 3 weeks. What is the first workout video you mentioned- WAYW?

CJ said...

Hey Meari -

Great update, I just get a kick out of the S and B antics, those boys are pretty dense. Love the belt.

Take it easy and have a great week.


Suzann said...

I like the new piece you've started. Sorry to hear about the floss troubles. Way to Go on the workouts! I joined WW and will be starting the program today and my workouts. Sounds like you need a couple of new guys to date. LOL. I guess The dating scene a be a crazy world. Here's to better luck!

Gabi said...

Belt and stitching are looking great. Good on you also that you follow your workout plan so strictly.

Lucy said...

Never thought of using the crop-a-dile on a!

Jennifer said...

Boys can be so dumb.

I love the eyelets on the belt. Very fashionable! (Now stop it with that Cropodile before I decide I need one. I see you've already gotten at least one other blogger under it's evil spell and I am sure there are more to come. LOL)

Kristin said...

Good luck with school and nice start to that stitchy piece.

Carolyn said...

Good weekend - love the belt, congrats on the exercise (I need to be doing this), stitching is cute. Haven't heard that problem about Anchor - interesting. You must have a lasting effect on men, my dear! Good luck with the test!

Katrien said...

congrats on your work-out, you did a lot

J Rae said...

Good job on workouts!

Glad I am not dating!

Great start on the stitchy piece. Can't wait to see it finished.

Cute idea on belt! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love Anchor threads because of the sheen they have...could it be the skein you have might be "bad"...?
I've seen so muc of the Cropadile and want one too, but I'd never make anything, like you I'd just roam around the house looking for things to punch, LOL!
LOVE the breast cancer finish, you did mahhhvelous darrrling!

Kendra said...

After 5 weeks of no exercise due to the stupid stress fracture in my ankle, I'm trying to ease back into walking this week. I did a smidge over 2½ miles today and my ankle did OK. I'll probably rest it tomorrow, then get back out on Wednesday. I'm ready to resume a regular exercise routine!

Can't help but to laugh at your Not-Smart-Guy texts. :-)

And thanks for the I want a CropADile (or however you spell it). I already have one of the plier-type eyelet tools, but the CropADile looks so much neater. Plus all those pretty eyelets the case comes with...

sales said...

I am so glad I don't have to date anymore. Some guys just don't get it do they!
I have a crop-o-dile too and love it. Sure beats hammering the eye lets in!
Good luck with your first exam.

Debbie Jo said...

Seems like some men just don't understand what silence means! Nice work on the belt and the stitching is very pretty. Love those colors

Barbara said...

Wow, Meari, I'm tired after reading about your workouts. LOL Yep, some guys are pretty dense, so glad I'm not dating anymore. Congrats on your magazine win. Love the Snow Poem Tree you're stitching. I'm going to do this as a SAL with SanManville beginning October 1st. I like your idea of using variegated & then a solid for the wording.
Barb in TX

Nancy said...

Dang, I should have brought my belts with me! I needed DH to punch 2 holes in mine this week, I think I bought them too big! Love the text....what are they thinking?? Great job on the workouts... still not doing anything on this end, but still have lost 4 lbs since the end of the contest. How does that happen??

Debra said...

Your ornament is going to be very pretty. Keep working out, you are doing great.
Debra in Indiana

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Congrats on the exercise you have fit in. Sorry about the dense men in your life. The belt looks great, good idea. Good luck with school. CJ(ok;-)

stitcherw said...

You are doing great on the exercise, you're staying so focused. I keep saying I should, but just don't do it, or don't do it long enough to make it a habit. Sounds like you've succeeded in making it a part of your lifestyle.

Your belt looked great, it really did look much better with the inserts, your crop-a-dile is coming in quite handy. Loved you earlier finish of the Peace Love and a Cure, so pretty. Your new start is looking great too, sorry the floss is being such a pain to work with. Good luck with the exs, they're unbelievable, some just don't seem to have a clue.

glenda said...

you know i'm LMAO about those "men". what a freaking riot! The belt looks great - i'm gonna have to get me a crop a dile, yet!