Sep 4, 2008

Worst First Date 3 - Painful Experience

"My worst first date was also my first blind date. We met for a coffee after being set up through a mutual friend. At first glance he was attractive, but I really wanted to find out who this person was.

He immediately started into a recent break-up with a longtime girlfriend, followed by a description of how he was coping with his heartbreak. This included the recent addition of two very large tattoos on his head, underneath his hairline. Now this is years before tats were 'trendy' and were still associated with bikers and convicts, and I'm no prude, but his reasoning for the tats was most concerning.

He explained that he had the tats done for one clear reason; the physical pain of having them applied to his scalp in relation to the emotional pain he felt over the ex-girlfriend, 'to really feel the pain of it all' he said. He then told me about his piercings, which again at the time were considered to be pretty strange based on their location.

The piercings were located on his 'member,' both of which were applied for similar reasons as the tats.

Long before the second confession, I questioned the friendship I had with the girl who set us up, wondering if she knew me at all. He was a nice enough guy, but terribly troubled, with a past I wanted no involvement in. I never spoke to him again and I still wonder to this day what would have possessed her to set us up."

-Laura P. in Alberta, Canada

Ummm... Been THERE, done THAT. Not with the tats/pain issues, but dealing with issues over ex's. People who do things like this definitely aren't ready for another relationship. (Think therapy, dude!) Also, have wondered what friends/family were thinking?! Next...


Kristin said...


Barbara said...

Definitely the type of guy you want to run away from as fast as possible. LOL
Barb in TX

Danielle said...

I love these worst date posts! But ouch, piercings THERE?!>>! I can't imagine that's comfortable for the man OR the woman in certain situations, uhm, you know what I mean.

Lucy said...

The piercings were what scared me the most!!!

Diane said...

Yikes! Just punctuates why I'm in no hurry to re-enter the dating pool! I'm sooooo happy to be man-free!

I'm reading through your old posts (why no archives, BTW?) and wanted to thank you for the link to Freecycle. I'm cleaning out the home of my daughter's dad, who recently passed away, and had no way to get a bunch of great stuff to the Goodwill. I listed them on the local Freecycle and have had an overwhelming response. I'm sure the place will be empty in no time! Thanks again!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

OMG, Meari!!! I'm dying here!!! Sooo funny! Before I read to the end, I thought he was really your date!!
Hugs, Deb

Lisa said...

I'll refrain from expletives, but a few words come to mind. The woman on this date (Laura) should have gotten up politely and said "Sir, I have to go, I wish you the best." Then she should have cursed the one who set her up with this 'Silence of the Lambs' loon. This JLo "The Cell" imbecile...I can go

Janaina said...

Hahahahaha... "what would have possessed her to set us up."
Well, apart from the emotional issues anddifferent from Lucy, I think the piercings part is what would make me more curious... Can't imagine having sex with mm... er... something attached to his thing. Lol =D