Sep 1, 2008

Meari's Marvelous Monday 9/1/08

Ahhhhh, another Monday. Today is Labor Day in the US, which spells H-O-L-I-D-A-Y! Can you say 3-day weekend?!

Last week I mentioned I have to read a book on management (with instructor approval) and write a paper on it. I got a jump start on reading one of the books my boss gave me. I took that to class, along with another book that my boss told me the firm is considering as mandatory for professional staff.

Me: Hands books to instructor.

Instructor: Holds said books. Looks at the top book, which was the one I started reading. Flings the book off to the side onto the desk. "This one's OK," he says.

Instructor: Looks at second book (the one that might be mandatory reading). Throws it on top of the first book. "That one's crap."

Classmates: Erupt into laughter.

Me: Incredulous at what just happened, chuckling, wondering if I should tell him my boss's idea. I decide not.

I'll still read both books, but I'm glad he approved the one I'd started reading!

Stitchy Stuff
I started a new project this past week. I found out that a fellow Freecycle member has breast cancer. Over the past couple of years, she's given me and many others produce from her garden each year. So, as a "thank you" I decided to stitch up Peace Love and a Cure by Lizzie Kate for her. I plan on making it into a flatfold with pink fabric with little breast cancer ribbon print, if I can find something like that.

I've converted the fibers to Six Strand Sweets, and after 4.5 hours, this is what it looks like:

I spent some time organizing my charts and magazines over the weekend, and found out I had some duplicate magazines which I'll be putting on my stash-for-sale blog. I also purged some charts I know I'll never stitch (funny how tastes change) so those will go on, too. If you need a stash fix, check there often. ;-)

When They JUST Won't Go Away...
I'm seriously contemplating HOW LONG it takes before former BF's get the hint that they blew their last chance? Again over the weekend, I heard from TWO ex's.

The one I haven't spoken to in over 4 years... He left a VM for me inviting me to drive almost two hours to where he lives to watch his daughter in a parade. Then he sent 3 follow up text messages asking if I was coming! Hello?!

Even S sent me text messages over the weekend... This is AFTER he asked me out to dinner twice and I NO once, and ignored the second invited. I find it apalling that the two times he wanted to go to dinner were on the days he had to come to town because he had therapy appointments.

Do I need a sign? "I am NOT interested!"


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I think what you are doing for your freecycle friend is a wonderful idea. I have met some wonderful people through there....
In fact, I had the pleasure of being friends with a special lady and her family .... I got to help her welcome a new little angel into the world and the not so fun pleasure of being with them when they gave God back that little angel a few months later.


Hi Meari,

Too funny post, yet again!!! Glad the instructor wasn't too tough on you.

Your stitching is just lovely. I know your friend will really love that you are remembering her in such a special way.

Here we go again...encounters of the worst kind with former BF's!!! I just don't get it why guys just don't get it!!!! I mean what is so hard about understanding that when you say NO...that NO means NO! (Last time I checked anyway!) But the longer I live as a single gal, the more I'm convinced that guys love the pursuit of the chase! They will 'pop up' on said radar every now and again & try their luck, totally forgetting about the last time they did that and the answer was NO!!! If we women say yes, then guys lose interest!! And they think WE play games!!!! Again...that would have to be a resounding...NO!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a great holiday! Take care & have a great week!!
Dawn in NC

Nessa G. said...

Hmm...maybe the ex BF thing is my fault. I had no backbone and unless it was a "bad" break up or horrible relationship I usually would accept these "renewal offers". I wasn't desperate, just hopeful I guess LOL.

Rene la Frog said...

Love the piece you are doing for the freecycle friend and it will make a lovely flatfold.

I think some men are just plain stupid and will not take the hint. You will have to just come out and tell them you are not interested now, and won't be in the future either.

Carolyn said...

Stitching looks great - wonderful gift you are making. Love the book story, almost as much as the bfs stories!

Mylene said...

Great start on the Lizzie Kate project.

CJ said...

Happy September. As usual your blog was very interesting and entertaining. Great thing you are doing for your Freecycle mate. As for the exes, sometimes men are just totally clueless.

See ya...


Rachel S said...

Happy September.

Some men never learn. Sometimes you just have to keep ignoring them.

Nancy said...

Very thoughtful to stitch for her and I am sure will be a total success to lift her spirits. Can't believe you are still dealing with those old BF's, what are they thinking?????

Sharon said...

Your instructor is funny! Pretty start on your LK. Your exes are persistent devils-aren't they?

Debra said...

Meari, your wip is looking good. Sorry to hear about your friend.
Debra in Indiana

Barbara said...

It's very nice of you to stitch the LK piece for your freecycle friend. I'm sure she will love it. Glad your instructor liked one of your books at least. Perhaps you should begin wearing strings of garlic to ward off the exes (sort of like vampire protection). LOL
Barb in TX

The Chanting Needle said...

It's a lovely act of caring to stitch for your friend with cancer. Just like you!

I'm starting to think that intelligent women NEED intelligent match-makers! Why idiot ex-BFs don't get it is beyond me.

On your instructor: too bad too many professors don't behave like professionals. Professionals don't do things that could humiliate students. I have a little "mental black book" of "all the things I will NEVER do as a professor/teacher". He couldn't have spared the simple courtesy to just say, "I don't think much of that book; this first one is a better choice"? I'm glad you weren't too fazed by it. It's too bad that those sorts of professors can't handle a reply that would show them how rude they are!