Sep 10, 2008

Worst First Date #4 - Sobering Night Out

"I agreed to go out with a guy I met at a local bar who was pretty drunk when we met but, come on, most people you meet in bars are drunk right?

As I pull in the parking lot of the movies he was walking to his vehicle. When he met me back at the door I asked him where he had been and he said, 'I was having a beer in my truck.'

Jokingly, I asked if he drank everywhere he went and he said, 'Of course, I keep a 12 pack in a cooler between my seats at all times.'

I then went on to tell him he had a drinking problem jokingly because I thought we were joking. He then made the comment, 'I don't think I have a problem but I do start classes Wednesday since I've gotten 4 D.W.I.s this year.'

As if this wasn't bad enough when he bought the movie tickets they asked him to donate $1 to the Children's Cancer Fund. He ignorantly said no and we went to the concession stand. They asked him again and in front of many children and families he abruptly yells, 'What the hell is up with all these sick kids?!' At that moment I realized the guy was toasted.

We went into the movie and he got up every 5 minutes to pee and drink another beer. I was so mortified. After the movie he walked me to my car and then went on to ask
me for money to buy more beer since he was so kind to pay for the movie."

-Michelle A. in Salisbury, Maryland

This is a perfect example of why I haven't done the bar scene since before I was married (and subsequently divorced). Her assumption in the first paragraph made me LOL -- Not *everyone* who goes to bars get toasted. I would've left him standing there once he told me he had beer in the truck. Not only does he having a drinking problem, he's also STUPID. 4 DUI's? It made me swirl back to the conversation I had with T when he told me he got a DUI last year... and still proceeded to drink and drive. Ack! No thanks.

Anyone else have some worst first date stories?


Lucy said...

These stories are so funny....these poor girls!

Kristin said...

OMG...what a loser. The poor women in these stories.

Carol R said...

I love the dating stories - so funny!

Sarah said...

I would have pulled a "oh I left something in my car, I'll be back" and then high tailed it outta there!

I don't have any dates that were this bad, but since I met a few people online, there's been some that were massively awkward.

Barbara said...

Why in the world did this girl stay for the movie with this jerk? I would have been out of there as soon as he said he was going to be taking classes because of getting 4 DWI's! If I ever have some stupid notion about dating again, I'll just come to your blog to give me a jolt back to reality. ;D
Barb in TX

Rachel S said...

I think my worst first date was the guy I took the fair in my brand new to me car (my pride and joy), because his truck was a rustbucket. We went through a whole night at the fair for him to pee in the bushes on the way out of the fairgrounds . . . and he got caramel apple all over my shiny clean dashboard. He was the worst.