Sep 25, 2008

Worst First Date #5 - Watch Your Wallet

After several weeks of e-mailing one another, I decided to meet this man in person. We decide to meet at a local pub and grill.

Right after sitting down and ordering drinks, a rather big muscular man approaches our table and throws a drink in my date's face. He then turned to me and asked if I really knew the man I was sitting with, and I should not allow him any access to anything personal, as he had embezzled many thousands of dollars from his ex-wife and her family.

A bunch of words thrown out at this point degrading this man across the table from me. Management showed up, but not before another drink made it's way to my date's face. The police were called and the altercaton taken care of.

My date and I left the pub and go to his home where he told me his whole life story in which he did steal from his ex-wife and her family, and faked being a college student, as well as lied about being employeed. Turns out this man was bi-polar.

Lynda in Erie, PA

Aye-aye-aye! She went back to HIS place afterwards?? Maybe I'm jaded... What was she thinking??? I'm all for giving benefit of the doubt, but seriously??!


Chiloe said...

Some women are risk takers ... lol Maybe the excitement to go out with a bad boy? or a future serial killer? lol

Lou's addictions said...

Wow, you never really know who you could be meeting up with on a date... I wouldnt have went back to his place after that either, I love these stories, makies my dating stories seem normal lol...

Kristin said...

What the h*ll was she thinking going back to his place? I can't understand the way some women think.

Ken's choice said...

Hi Meari, I hereby ibnvite you to my blog as I have tagged you for something, see you soon ??

Carolyn said...

I'm with you. What nut would then go back to his place? Red flags were slapping her in the face with him. Go figure. :)

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Aiiiaaaeee!!! What can people be thinking these days!!??? These First Dates just freak me out!