Aug 12, 2009

Just Down The Street

Why do accidents pique curiosity of people so much they walk for blocks just to be a spectator at an accident scene? Last evening, as I approached the intersection of where I live, there was a serious 3-car accident. No one was killed (at least I don't think so!), but I saw two taken by ambulance to the hospital. People flocked from all 4 directions just to see what was going on:

Since this intersection is a main through-fare, the police re-directed traffic from all four sides of the accident. I was on my way home from work coming from the backside of this accident and had to back up to go around. The officer directing traffic wasn't going to let me down my steet until I told her I lived three houses up from the accident.

An hour later, cars had been towed, emergency vehicles were gone, and the street had been cleaned up.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I hate accidents. Yesterday.... here in Phx a fire truck was struck on it's way to a call causing a huge pile up.... a firefighter was thrown from her truck.

Rachel S said...

People are wretched. I still have nightmares that people got a thrill from seeing my parents and grandmother cut out of their car. I'm sorry, the worst day of my family's life was not someone else's amusement for the afternoon. Everytime I see an accident now, I don't look, I just ask God to be with the people in the accident as they move forward.

Anonymous said...

I don't look either, but that's from living my whole life in the NY/NJ area - there are accidents every single day either to/from work. You just get immune to them. My main focus after being in traffic is getting to work or do I need an alternate route.

Carissa said...

People truly do rubber neck badly when they see an accident. I'll be honest...I look....and then I pray for all parties involved as I'm going on my way.

What street was that on Meari?

Kristin said...

When I was in EMS, we use to refer to the people who stopped to look as the Ooooh-Aaaaah Squad (say it out loud and it will make sense). The bad thing is when the wreck was on a highway, the damn Ooooh-Aaaaah Squad would often cause a wreck on the opposite side of the road because they would slow way down and watch the wreck and not the road.

Glad you made it home.

Debra said...

I don't know way people do that either. I think first it just a noise thing and we have to look, than it might be "someone we know" thing.