Aug 3, 2009

Marvelous Monday Update 8/3/09

My Oh My! Where did July go? Summer is almost over. :(

Until recently, I'd never heard of the comedian Jeff Dunham. Makes sense since I haven't had cable/satellite TV for almost 8 years. On Saturday night, I saw Jeff Dunham in action. He was indeed entertaining and funny! I think he created a new "act" on-the-fly, and while doing so he had a difficult time keeping a straight face and seemed to loose track of where he was at in the act. I'm just going to call it "Stinky Pick and Itchy Butt" LOL And the look on Guitarman's face was priceless (disbelief, too). In addition, Jeff donated $25K to the local food pantry before the show started. I thought that was really great!

I went to see the musical "The Producers" on Saturday night. For the most part, the play was entertaining. There were lots of costume changes and the sets were nice. What I didn't like was: Set changes occurred while the performers were still performing, dance choreography wasn't in sync, and some of the acts contained several songs being sung at the same time which resulted in a lot of distracting "noise".

The outdoor theatre is architecturally fabulous!

I haven't shown my garden this year because to put it bluntly, it's PATHETIC! None of the cucumber seeds I planted came up so there's a big, naked, brown patch in my garden. The green beans are trying to make their way up the trellis, but are having a difficult time. My second set of tomato plants (Yes, second... the first ones died!) are barely as tall as the cages. The lettuce, however, is an ENTIRELY different story. It's been growing profusely. One person cannot possibly eat this much lettuce!! Earlier in the week, I harvested and cleaned lettuce. It was a 2 hour ordeal project.

With the help of my handy dandy salad spinner, I was able to get most of the water off the leaves. Just like churning butter, LOL

(Brand New-In-The-Box Salad Spinner
compliments of a freecycler several years ago)

My planters continue to do well. The mums I planted are getting ready to bloom for the second time, as is the rose bush I bought this year.

Other pics can be seen HERE.

Have I shared lately that I really enjoy getting a bargain? Well, I do! Earlier in the week, I had some time to waste to kill on my hands, so I visited the local thrift stores. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This time, I came away with several good deals:

Books were 50% off, so I got both the hardcover book and magazine for $1.75. The book has lots of great Victorian type charts in it.

This is actually a 5x7 framed artwork with a Kohls tag on it. It was new still in it's packaging. The original price tag was $14.99 and I got it for $1.49 -- I bought it with thoughts of framing Oriental Kimono. I didn't pay attention to what the artwork was. Take a look!

Too funny!

These curtain rods were donated to the thrift store by Target. Normally, they are $29.99 -- One had a price of $5.99 and the other $6.99 for the exact same rod. When I went to checkout, I questioned the cashier and she sold them both to me for $5.99 each. They are very similar to the ones I have in my bedroom, and my plan is to use them in the spare room now that I'm getting it organized and looking more like a useable room.

All holiday-themed items were on sale for 75% off so I was able to pick up three boxes of Christmas cards for 75cents!

This past week I was able to get quite a bit of stitching done on Oriental Kimono. I was hoping to finish it, but alas... it didn't happen. Here's progress so far:

More WIP pics can be seen HERE.

Last month when I bought the amoire from the thrift store, I saw a stitched piece with a price tag marked $6.99. At the time, I passed on it. It was still at the store when I went earlier in the week, but it had been re-priced for 99cents. Couldn't pass that up, could I?

This custom-framed piece was stitched in 1987 by someone named Megan (incription on the back). Anyone know the design or designer?

Close up detail with french knots


5 Foot Runt said...

Great finds. I love that frog pic and I think your Kimono would be perfect for it.I wish the thrifts shops around here carried that kind of stuff. I hope you have better luck with your garden next year.

valerie said...

Great thrift shop finds! Amazing to find the framed cross stitch for only 99 cents. A little sad I think. Love the photos of your garden!

Akila said...

Truly amazing bargains!!! Love the stitched piece. The frame adds that touch to it. Congrats :)

Kathy said...

Great job bargin shopping. I never seem to find those types of buys. :)

Kimono is looking great and you should have it finished in no time.

As for the gardens. Your planter are looking fantastic. Beautful. Sorry to hear about the veggie bust. (Well, except for the lettuce.) Iguess it's the crazy weather we have been having this summer. I sure hope your second tomatoes do better.

Kelly's Blog said...

Great thrift store finds, I wish I was that lucky when I go. Great progress on the Oriental piece. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Good progress on Kimono. Thrift store finds always please me too. I think the frame is one from Cross Country Stitching so the chart may be from them also.
Good luck locating the information. I'm just now getting tomatos but my banana pepper has been like your lettuce.

HUGS, Dee in TN

Daffycat said...

Luttuce? You need bunnies!

Holy cow...I'm going shopping with you someday ~ what bargains!

Your little shelf picture...I did that as a Dimentions kit back in the 80''s called "Welcome All." Do you need to borrow the pattern?

stitcherw said...

You found lots of good buys, and your flowers look lovely. Hope your second batch of tomatos do better, and the lettace sounds like it's going to take over your planting. I have a salad spinner to dry lettace too, I love it. Your Kimono is looking wonderful.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Your planters look amazing. Looks like a happy dance in the near future for your kimono. Congrats on all the great bargains you got this weekend. CJ ok;-)

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Flowers look great; so does your kimono. Hope the garden turns around. Enjoy your bargains!

sales said...

Your garden looks like mine. It has had a really hard time getting itself together! Your lettuce looks great. Your stitching looks great!

Donna said...

Jeff Dunham is one of my favorites! He went to college at Baylor University which is here in Waco, TX. That is where he made Peanut.
Your garden sounds like mine. Our tomato plants made nothing, our lettuce made a bunch, our cantelopes made about a million flowers but only two cantelopes and those were eaten by birds, but my flowers, oh my, they have bloomed. Hot Lips has yet another shoot. Her flowers have bloomed about one a day for the last week and then today I noticed another shoot with about 6 flower heads on it.

mbroider said...

The 99c frame is very nice. Am impressed by your garden too!!

Sadie said...

Kimono is so very nearly there, it looks great. Wonderful thrifty finds Meari, it feels so good to get a bargain doesn't it! Quite a buzz!
OMG so much lettuce. I got my salad spinner from freecycle too!
Have a great week x

Nancy said...

A second update and another week without mention of JT, I'm getting worried here! I know what you mean about the garden. I planted beans twice and have 6 plants, and those have been eating by bunnies (even though I have a fence) I have TONS of lettuce and they aren't touching that, of course. We are getting some nice tomatoes though. Frog and motorcycle? I think I need that one!!! LOL I never find stitchy stuff at bargain stores either. Not that I go more than once a year or less....but when I do I always look!

Emily said...

Jeff Dunham is great, have seen him on comedy central, the kimono looks almost done, hope you can get it finished soon. Garden is looking great.

Ranae said...

Jeff Dunham is fabulous. I don't know how it does it, but he's GOOD!!
Pretty flowers!
and some very nice finds.

Kristin said...

Great finds! And, I feel you on the garden. Its been a tough gardening year.

Sari said...

What a lovely kimono! Very pretty!

Rene la Frog said...

I've never been so lucky with the thrift stores here

Spanish Princess said...

First let me say "I LOVE JEFF DUNHAM!" I've been a huge fan for a while and I can remember some of the spouses during the last deployment getting together when there was a show on the comedy channel. He makes me laugh so hard!

Secondly ... Girl! You have been busy! Remember no matter how bad your garden gets, there are always peopleo ut there worse! I can't keep veggies in the fridge, musch less grow them!

I recently found that Sweeter than the Rose book for $1.99 and am looking forward to starting a project or two as soon as things settle down here. HAve you seen others in the series? I've got about 8 of them Ithink, though still packed away since we move again soon.

Well, happy stitching, gardening and everything else. I'm off to finish another baby bib! (My stitching is on another blog now if you want to take a look.)

Anonymous said...

You know what? Maybe tonight I'll head out to the Goodwill place that I have yet to visit, I'm nosy now to see if I find any stitching items!

Debra said...

Wow, that was quite a lot. Sounds like you had a great time and great shopping finds.

Shelley - ILCS said...

I love Jeff D.!! He is hilarious!! You've got to repurpace that frog pic it is too cute, lol. You need to get a pet bunny to help you eat all that lettuce.