Aug 17, 2009

Marvelous Monday Update 8/17/09

Arr... Arr... Arr! Do I sound like Tim the Toolman Taylor? Anyone remember that show? lol

So why am I going on and on? First, I need to digress... When I was newly divorced 8 years ago, I had to invest in some power tools. One of my first purchases was this:

Mishaps and mayhem -- Oh if this thing could talk! Unfortunately, a 9.6V cordless drill is pretty lightweight for some of the jobs I do and have done. I've been contemplating an upgrade for a couple years. Let me introduce....

- 14.4V Combo Set -

Not only did I upgrade the cordless drill, but I also got a jigsaw (which I've also been wanting!). This set was on sale for less than $50, which is a *really* good deal, and there were only two left on the store shelf!

I'm just as bad in hardware/home improvement stores as I am when I shop for stitchy stash. I didn't stop at the combo kit. Oh no. Just so happened upon another sale. 20% off all clamps. I came home with this:

Everything in this set was sold separately at the store. A quick calculation told me that the two bar clamps alone cost as much as this entire set. When I got to the checkout counter, the clamps didn't ring up on sale. Manager was called. He checked the aisle. Clerk was told to give me the discount since the sign wasn't clear (sign said: All Clamps 20% Off). These will come in handy for SO many things!

I spent a little time last week working on this:

Check them out HERE.

I did get a little bit of stitching in last week. I actually had more of this done, but I ended up frogging it all because I put the specialty stitches on the wrong rows of the linen.

Simply Elegant Scissor Case

Between Jr. High and High School, I took 6 years of typing classes. As you could imagine, I was a pretty fast typist. I recently took an online speed test for fun (I know... WHO takes a typing test for FUN?! lol). I was pleased to find out I still got "it". :)

89 words

OK, I don't know why it's not showing my "score", but I accomplished 89 words per minute. :)

Twice I heard buzzing in the window behind/above the headboard of my bed. I pulled back the drapes and found this!

(YES, this was INSIDE my house.) Talk about freak me out! This mud dauber nest was BIG. I don't know how long it had been there. Luckily, I had a can of wasp spray in the basement. I saturated that thing! JT was nice enough to come over and remove/dispose of it. It was really disgusting! The cellular blind is probably ruined due to the big stain on it. I'm going to try and wash it anyway (even though websites say not to do that with cellular blinds) because they're about $130 to replace. Worth a try isn't it?

I received a thoughtful RAK from Carla in Saturday's mail -- a little sewing box with heart shaped pins. Along with it, she sent the sweetest note.

Thank you so much, Carla!

Police think a seizure suffered by one of the drivers caused the accident I talked about previously. The accident left three people injured (hospitalized, but not seriously injured) and caused major delays as police diverted traffic from four directions. At the time of the crash, a vehicle was stopped eastbound at a red light and another vehicle approached from behind. The person in the second vehicle allegedly suffered a seizure while driving, which caused his foot to push down on the accelerator and then rear-ended the vehicle stopped at the light. The collision caused both vehicles to spin out into the intersection, where they struck a third vehicle, which was turning through the intersection.


Rene la Frog said...

More POWER LOL I remember that so well and still watch the reruns.

Love the dyed fabrics. I really want some blue fabric and can't find what I want so guess I'll have to give dying a go real soon.

Nice RAK from Carla.

Gabi said...

Oh my gosh that wasp nest was huge. Thank god you found it before it grew even bigger. Nasty buggers.
Good luck with washing the blinds. I would give it a try too if I was you.
Congrats with the new tools, and I LOVE your self dyed fabrics. Especially the brown ones.

Petra said...

Wait a minute that wasp nest is IN YOUR HOUSE? OMG!

CJ said...

Hey Meari -

Don't you love power tools? I do. Jeff bought me a Dewalt cordless drill for Valentines. It is a very nice and powerful I just love it.

Your fabrics are beautiful. So are you doing better? How is your cough?

Take it easy.


Kelly said...

Love the fabrics, especially the purple one lol. Your stitching is lovely and I am so glad we dont have that kind of wasp here!
Your RAK is lovely.

~~~Melinda said...

Cool tools! Geez that is the biggest nest of "dirt dobbers" (they're called that here) I've ever seen. I'd be spraying for spiders as that is their food of choice!!! We used to get them on the outside of the house growing up...we never worried about them, but inside would be a different matter!!! Yes, washthe blind since they are so expensive! I Love the dyed fabrics!!!

Lou's addictions said...

That nest would have freaked me out, I hate bugs but can just about tolerate the odd once since my girls love playing with bugs (yuck!!!!).

Donna said...

I love all your dyed fabric, but the brown yellow is my fav. I took that typing test and while I used to type fast, I could only get to 57 words per minute on it. Old age I guess.
That nest is scary! Glad you got rid of it!

Rachel S said...

That nest was in your house? ACCCCCKKKKK!

The fabric is gorgeous!

Nancy M said...

Scary you enjoy power tools as much as stashing! LOL That next, well that would FREAK me out too! I can't believe that was actually INSIDE!!! You could leave the stain....if you didn't see the next behind the drapes, who would see the stain? Nice RAK from Carla and nice dying! Didn't do the typing test, I know I would score low, especially if they count typos!

Carolyn NC said...

HI is probably one of my most all time favorite shows - great memories! Fabric is gorgeous - sorry about the frogging. Glad to hear the nest is gone (shudder)!

Daffycat said...

Holy sh*t, that was INSIDE the house? Behind your BED? Waaay too creepy, Meari! I guess you didn't have too many spiders left in your house!

Debra said...

That is scary! Your material is so pretty and so is the wip. Wow that is fast!!! (on the typing).

Chiloe said...

I love when you buy new tools :-) lol

Can't believe you had friends over IN your bedroom ..... yuck yuck yuck ...

Great hand dye fabrics !!!

Nice gift, lucky girl ;-)

Julie M said...

Did I read that right, was that mud dauber nest inside??? I sure hope not! I was freaking out just looking at it online!

Love your fabric! I want to learn how to do this. I can never find just the right color when I want it.

Your scissor case start is wonderful. Can't wait to see more.

I think in my high school days I typed something like 45wpm. My daughter types 120wpm. I don't know how someone does that!

Congrats on the new power tools and clamps.

Kathy said...

Love the power tools. :) Not just boy toys anymore! LOL

OMG about the nest. I would have had a heart attack! I had a paper wasp nest under the eave of the house and freaked! Had to get my aunt and uncle to come over and spray it. Only thing that truely frightens me--bees, wasps and any buzzing flying thing.

Jennifer said...


I would have passed RIGHT OUT if I saw that nest in my bedroom behind my bed. PASSED OUT.

Katrien said...

You type fast! Faster than me :-(, lol.
Your fabric is very pretty.

Kristin said...

We still watch Home Improvement around here! Love the more power upgrade (all the good power tools in this house are MINE).

Scary sized mud dauber nest.

That fabric is gorgeous. Great job dyeing it.

Jenna said...

Leave it to you to pack a blog entry full of so many things that I want to comment on. ;) I'm going to have to keep going back and forth from the entry to my comment...

First, you are woman, hear you roar! Seriously, you are my DIY heroine!

Very cool that you are dyeing your own fabric. I was doing this for a while, too, until I had one of the items that I stitched on one of my own fabbies fade. Something you might want to test with your fabrics, too.

The Simply Elegant scissor case looks like a Lorri Birmingham design, is it? Also, those look like queen stitches? I'm about to complete the stitching on Lorri's Sarah Belle scissor case, which is a queen stitch border similar to what you are working on.

The mud dauber nest is seriously scary! If I had something like that in my house, I would totally freak out! I hope you're able to save your blinds. If it's a choice between cleaning them and risking ruining them or buying new ones, definitely see if you can revive them yourself. Don't be afraid to resort to bleach.

The photos of that accident are very scary. Was the rear axle of the SUV even still connected? It is at such an angle, it looks like it might have snapped. I pity the driver that had the seizure for the guilt they will carry in having hurt someone. I hope that the state revokes his/her license, as they should so they don't injure anyone else in the future. Scary stuff!

Mary said...

Sorry it has taken so long to post my comment. First, the box is gorgeous, the hive is scary. I looked up what a mud dauber is. I never realized there were many types of I'm glad it's gone from your room now. It reminds me of the book Secret life of Bees.

I love the Tim the Toolman video. I have keep marking your post to my rss feed as unread so I can watch the video when I'm stressed out. It's funny with and without Thank you so much for sharing the video. I have to make sure I put your post back as unread before I sign off tonight.