Jun 14, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 6/14/10

Look at this lovely bouquet of flowers! There is a walking path near the clinic up the street from me. Along the path there are wildflowers. When I went on a walk last week, I picked these. Aren't they pretty?

I'm in my second week of the new semester. For the summer session, I'm taking an online Managerial Cost Accounting class. It's been challenging to say the least. So far I'm doing pretty well. I had my first test and got a "B" on it. Yay for me! Two weeks down, six more to go.

Truly, I went to the thrift store to see if they had a box fan since mine took a crap nose dive on me. No box fan, but I did walk out with all these buttons for $2.99! Aren't they adorable?

What good are buttons if you can't find the "right" one when you need it? So, I started on my quest to find a cool creative way of displaying or storing them. What awesome ideas do you have for me? Got pix?!

As I was surfing the web in my search for the most creative, aesthecially pleasing button storage ideas, I came across THIS. You just HAVE to go see Rosie! The funny thing (to me) is that Christie lives about an hour southeast of me.

One of the local communities held their community-wide garage sales. For less than $1 for all of them, I found these:

Precious Moments in Miniature PM-22
Happy Everything by Imaginating
A Frosty Feast by Crossed Wing Collection
Timeless Ornaments by Leisure Arts (hardcover)

Since I finished my homework early, I was able to get some stitching in. I worked a bit on the Gingerbread House.

I'm almost finished with ABC Lessons! I also found the PERFECT frame, but I'm saving the frame debut for when I get Lessons framed. :)

Other WIP pics can be seen HERE.

In one of the above leaflets I bought at the yard sale, there was a photo of a chart called "Gentle Menagerie". It was a page out of the Cross Stitch & Country Crafts Mar/Apr 1991 magazine. I would like to stitch up this chart. It's so adorable! With all the older magazines I have, I thought I'd have it but no. Does anyone have this magazine they'd be willing to part with? Or, maybe just the pages with the chart?


Rene la Frog said...

You find such great bargins! Love all the buttons and look forward to seeing how you decide to display/store them.

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats on the class grades. Your finds are great and I loved Rosie!! Great stitching!

Shelley said...

Congrats on the good grade!

I love your button find. I searched and I don't have that magazine, but I have a ton of others, lol!

Thanks for sharing Rosie!

Anonymous said...

Great deals! Love the minature precious moments & flowers. Lots of progress on your stitching... good for you. Love yard sales too.
Found my first cross stitch project at one in the 90's.


Emily said...

How are you ever going to use that many button. How about storing them in clear jars or fancy glasses or something. You always get such good deals

Rachel S said...

Great finds! That is a really good find on the buttons. What about sewing them, loosely, onto a length of velvet ribbon? That way, you can display them, and then snip them off as needed.

Anonymous said...

Meari, always love your blog! The buttons are just adorable; great find, as always!

Laura and I stopped at a huge church yard sale on Saturday, and not ONE thing of cross stitch..........BLAH! You are so lucky.

Your ABC Lessons is wonderful; I am sorely ashamed that I can't get much accomplished on mine; I have to be in total daylight to see the 25ct evenweave now; I am pluggin' along, though!

Rosie the pig is adorable! I commented on her blog.


Alberta said...

One of my earliest memories is spending what seemed like hours going through my Mom's & my Grandmother's button box...such pretty often one of a kind treasures! Thanks for that gentle retrospective!

Anonymous said...

You come up with the greatest treasures and ideas. Your flowers are beautiful. I thought someone sent them to you. Thank you for brightening my Monday.


htimcj said...

What a great idea for the beads! How can you beat a dollar?!?

Katrien said...

You found some great bargains. ABC and gingerbread house look great. Congrats on the test-grade

Kathryn said...

My first thought on organizing is always a database. Just a couple of fields for size, color, shapes, and a PICTURE. Then all you have to do is fire up the computer and search without pawing through boxes or bags. I love the idea of the velvet ribbon, but I am not up for THAT much sewing.

Sunshine said...

I looked, but I don't have the Mag. Sorry. How creative you are in storing your beads, and to think I spent all that $$$ on the actual bead holders that are round and tall. Good Job! Love the Buttons. I know what you mean about not being able to find em when you need em. I'm always on the lookout for a deal. If you want to get rid of any, send me an email, and we'll make a deal.
I look foward to seeing your Lk framed. I bet it will be Stuning!

AFwife99 said...

Excellent score on the buttons! You have to keep your eyes open for a steal like that. I also liked your bead storage idea on your other post.

Have a good week!

Debra said...

The flowers are pretty both your wips are looking good. Wow on all those buttons, if you come up with a good way of storing them, let me know. I couldn't get "fight like a girl" to come up.

Anonymous said...

Meari - I love your bead storage!! Your flowers are beautiful too! I love wildflowers! And the buttons!!!! Oh my!!!! Oh, and I do happen to have an extra copy of that magazine in my trade album!! :o)


Mylene said...

Congrats with the good grades Meari!

WOW! look at all those buttons-just great!

Carol said...

Love all of those great buttons, Meari--what a find! And all of those charts for under $1.00--amazing!

Keep up the good work in the accounting course--sounds like it would be hard to me!

mbroider said...

Your box fan was no good, and you go to a thrift store. Meari, you and thrift store like each other, good box fan or bad box fan:8)

Congrats on your grades! Hopefully you will have another finish very very soon

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Those buttons are amazing - love the Gingerbread house!

Lynn said...

What GREAT finds! Lucky you!
Pretty sure I have that magazine for you but I'll need to LOOK. Been gone and just found your post on this. I'll let you know?

glenda said...

Great buttons!! I can't wait to see ABC framed ;)
I just gave that mag to the thrift store..ugh!

EvalinaMaria said...

Congrats on a good grade and almost finish!

Mel said...

Love the buttons!
(and the new blog design)