Jun 29, 2010

Retreat - Day Three

Heather Daly of Monsterbubbles arrived in the morning to give us a trunk show and teach us a class... stitching on screen. Debra H & Karin are checking out the trunk show.

Berly, Heather Daly, Debra H -- Workin hard!

This is how far I got during the screen class. I had another section done, but had to frog it!

Turns out that Berly was a model stitcher for Monsterbubbles. Coincidentally, Heather brought not one but TWO pieces Berly stitched!

Vickie was being naughty in all the group photos with designers... It was my turn to get the bunny ears, lol.

Front: Debra S, Aleyna, Vickie, Me
Back: Heather, Debra H, Berly, Karin

In the afternoon, I drove some of us to another cross stitch shop called Mom and Me Forever located in Bethalto, Illinois.

It was a nice little shop. I bought a chart: My Stitching Sampler by Blue Ribbon Designs:

and another chart: Love by Shepherds Bush

and the WDW for the chart:

and the buttons for the chart:

So much for being good!

After leaving the shop, four of us (Debra, Karin, Vickie & I) went to the Hobby Lobby just up the road from the hotel. I was naughty there, too.

I've been wanting the Blue Geisha ever since I saw it on Joan Eliott's blog last year. I had the 40% off coupon, so I went for it!

Throughout the retreat, Berly kept asking: "Can we do the specialty stitch class?" (Imagine the kids asking, "Are we there yet?") After shopping and eating, it was *finally* time for the class... ahem, at 9pm LOL

I brought my supplies but was tired
(too much shopping, maybe?)
and didn't start my project.


Berly said...

Yeah, you guys were really mean. I could have started it on Thursday & had it finished by Saturday night! :)

Shari said...

how did I miss this update?!?!?!
More lovely stuff. I am so jealous that I couldn't be there!

Julie M said...

Dang it anyway Meari! My blogger did not update me again and I missed your posts! I'm caught up now but that really irritates me!

Sounds like you and your stitchy friends had a wonderful retreat! How did you all get the designers to come?

Love all the stash you were so good about buying too!

Shelley said...

Blue Geisha is beautiful!!

EvalinaMaria said...

I absolutely love your Blue Geisha and can't wait to ses some WIP... Have fun stitching it!