Jun 5, 2010

Part Five: The Final Chapter

True to my word, I called contractor #1 after my doors were installed to let him know he could come pick up the ones he damaged. I called Friday morning. He didn't know what his schedule was like for Saturday. Huh? How can you not... oh nevermind. He said he'd call me Saturday morning to set up a time when he could pick them up. During the phone call, I also informed him that I would be expecting him to sign a lien waiver. He mumbled and stumbled before saying, "We'll figure something out." Uh yeah we will. In light of what happened, I wasn't going to take a chance of him putting a lien on my house for nonpayment when he damaged TWO doors.

Today at 8:45am, he calls. Says he's on his way. Ummm, OK but I have an appointment at 9am (and he was at least 20 minutes away). He said he had a few other things he could do. Fine. I reminded him that I expected him to sign a waiver (which I drew up -- a job at a land title company comes in handy!). This time, he didn't seem to have a problem with it.

10am... I'm sitting at the dining room table and hear him pull in. I waited for him to ring the doorbell. Never did. I got up to look out the window to see what he was doing and I caught the tail end of his rusty pickup truck pulling out my driveway! So, I grab my phone and called him. He said he didn't think anyone was home because the garage door was shut. OMG... Of course it's shut. I wasn't going to open it until after he signed the waiver. So, he tells me he'll be right back as soon as he can turn his truck around. By this time it's pouring down rain, LOL.

I had two copies of the waiver, one for him and one for me. We got the paperwork out of the way and I watched him try to load the doors on the truck. I almost had to LOL when he was concerned about breaking the window of the door he damaged. I mean, seriously! Ya'll saw the pics, right? For the storm door, he just threw the pieces in the back of his truck. That door was actually OK except he put the hinge and door knob on the wrong side for my house. He cut his hand on the broken trim pieces and was bleeding all over the door in the pouring down rain. Then his wife called... apparently wanting to buy something because I heard him say "That's all well and good, but we have to have the money to do it. I'm trying to load doors in the rain. I'm getting wet." I did take pity and help him load the doors and disassemble the door in order to take the glass out so it wouldn't get broken. Once the doors were loaded and secured, he simply said "Take care", got in his truck, and pulled away.

I was happy to see the tailgate of that truck. Goodbye, Good Riddance, Won't be recommending you to anyone.

True to his word, contractor #2 called this morning to set up a time to come switch out the trim for the threshold at the front door. He even called when he was running late.

After he installed the trim, he chatted a bit. Remember that he hit my garage door with his truck? Then he replaced it. He told me that was the worst week in his entire life. It started with the garage door. A day or so later, he lost $50. After that another thing happened (he couldn't remember what it was). What followed after that is unbelievable. He had a green light at an intersection of a residential area (think 30mph). He saw a silver car go through the red light in front of him, he checked to make sure he had the green light and proceeded through the intersection. He was T-boned by a car going 60mph chasing the first car! The driver didn't have insurance either! So folks, the next time you think you're having a bad week ... I told him he was lucky he didn't get hurt.

Before contractor #2 left, he shook my hand and said "If you need anything else done, I'd be happy to help you out." I thought it was funny because I was going to ask him if he would be willing to come back if I needed more work to be done. Even with what happened with the garage door, he said "With work, stuff like that happens sometimes." I expressed how happy I was with the doors and that I thought he did a good job.

Yup, job well done. He's trustworthy and does a good job. And he will do what he promises.


sales said...

WOW! I am glad that is all over for you. Poor guy. When it rains it pours!
I love your bobbins. Too bad I don't have anything big enough to use them! Great tutorial as usual.

Raven/Missy said...

I am glad you found a trustworthy contractor who does what he promises, and corrects his mistakes (at his own expense) when/if they occur. I am sorry you had to experience such an unprofessional person with the first guy.

The doors do looks great!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Glad #1 is gone.

Glad things went well enough with #2 that you are willing to use him again. Glad he is safe after the accident too!

Shelley said...

I am so happy that everything is fixed and the no lein waiver was an awesome idea. I never would have thought of that, well, I don't own a home, yet!

Donna said...

Poor guy! But glad everything is taken care of!

Robin said...

Good for you to sticking to you guns and really calling the first guy out. Glad it is behind you and happy you found a good guy!

Julie M said...

You can close the door on that chapter in your life now, bet that makes you really happy! I know I would be relieved that the waiver was signed and I would never have to see the jerk again!

Have a great weekend Meari!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari, I've been reading through this HC and am so happy you have everything fixed and they all look great. What a nightmare you've been going through. #2 sounds like a keeper and nice to boot. Thanks for letting us into your life. Hugs Sandy

Kristin said...

I am so glad to hear this is all over and done with. Glad to hear you found a reliable contractor.

Vikki said...

Why is it that the crappy stuff always happens to the good guys? I'm glad you found someone that could do the work correctly. Maybe he can work on your side door next :)

EvalinaMaria said...

I'm so glad that everything got finalized. This chapter is over, now you can relax end enjoy the kedionsummer.

Carolyn NC said...

Good riddance to the first for sure!! Glad it's all taken care of. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you have a final chaper to your saga and the doors, the poor guy but at least he is reliable.


Sunshine said...

I'm so glad you found yourself a new Handyman that you can trust. That weight just falls right off of your shoulders.....
You are very creative with the bobbins. This would work well for ribbon that is purchased by the yard with no spindle to wrap it on.
Great Tutorial Too.
Happy Stitchin!

Wanda said...

Wow! The new door looks great, Meari. I am glad you finally came to a good resolution to the problem. Wanda in Edmonton

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! You have had an adventure with those doors. So glad that you were able to find a good contractor to fix what the 1st guy did. Your doors look great. Now you will be able to stay warm this coming winter.
Your lace bobbins are beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial. All your stitching looks great. Thanks for sharing.

Betty in AZ