Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

What stitchy projects do you have lined up for the new year?

I signed up for the Stitchers UFO Challenge in 2012. My goal (and Yes, I *know* I said this last year) is to get Japanese Garden finished... or at least a lot more progress done. I'd also like to get Simply Elegant Scissor Case finished. Those two are my oldest unfinished projects.

Japanese Garden

Simply Elegant

Last year I signed up for another mailart exchange. The theme this time is "Stitching Related". It'll probably be my first finish of 2012 since it's due to be mailed out mid-February.

Of course, I am definitely going to finish Blossom Splendor!

Ellen Maurer-Stroh has a new SAL, "Antique Sampler" that I'd like to start.

Pam of My Stitchin -n- Stuff and I are contemplating an ornament SAL since both of us want to do at least an ornament a month in 2012. Anyone want to join in?

Also in 2012, I'd also like to start Aurora Cabin which is a Dimensions Gold Kit converted from Kim Norlien's fine art print called Aurora Bliss.

Aurora Cabin

Aurora Bliss

I think these should keep me busy, don't you?


Linda said...

May this new year be more wonderful than the last. Happy New Year, Meari!!!!
Linda in TX

Cathy said...

Great list of projects for 2012! I will enjoy watching your progress.

Shelley said...

Wow!! That'll definitely keep you busy...Happy New Year Meari :)

I have ornies to stitch but I doubt I'll only do one a month since I have so many kitted up. I'd like to join if that is okay?!

htimcj said...

Those are good goals! Mine is to just stitch more :)

Lynette said...

Looks like you have plenty of stitching lined up for 2012 like the rest of us stitchaholics!

Vickie said...

Love your goals!! Aurora Cabin is going to be beautiful when finished! But the peanut Gallery is waiting on Japanese garden to be finished!

Sue said...

Oh WOW......I think so! LOL. My LK is coming along quite nicely. I am finished the entire left side...now on to the right side......I am also stitching in a couple of SALS...Angie Designs Lavender Blue, and a couple of smaller ones. Other than that, just some of my ongoing projects.


Pam said...

Love that Aurora Cabin...I look forward to seeing it stitched. I'm also committed to doing an ornie/month. Gonna try to get 20 stitches in on the first 6 by Tuesday =)

Faith... said...

Japanese Garden is so prettyI can't wait to see it finished! Aurora Cabin is stunning too and I think it looks better that Aurora Bliss!

Good luck with your 2012 goals :)

Kay said...

Happy New Year to You Meari.
Yes, I think you are going to be very busy with the projects you have in mind for 2012. I"d love to join your ornament a month SAL it is a great idea. I too have joined the UFO challenge, so I'm hoping I can remain motivated. I have a quilt to complete by mid year, mostly just hand quilting as the top is completed, so that will be my prime object. I did sort through some small projects to add to my list, hopefully.

Carolyn NC said...

Worthy projects and goals! Hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you!

Anonymous said...

Meari - your blog is always a fun read.

I am planning to stirch an ornament a month in 2012 along with Karen's SAL.

After much reflection, I do not see myself starting Aurora Cabin yet as I have too many commitments for now.

Your current WIP's are looking great - I am really looking forward to see them when they're done.


Pam in IL said...

"Almost" can't wait to get started on the Ornament SAL. Your Wish List, Likes and Dislikes really has me thinking about my lists.

Old cameras are fun, aren't they? Hubby has over 100 old cameras in his collection. He also collects old radios and he has at least 50 now.

Mary Ann said...

You have lots of lovely projects planned for 2012, and I will look forward to seeing your progress!!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Love your Japanese Garden and the new SAL of Ellen Maurer Stroh is a beauty!


Sharon said...

Happy belated New Year Meari, wishing you the best. Aurora is going to be an amazing piece-looking forward to seeing your progress on it.

Katrien said...

happy New Years Meari!
I hope you accomplish your goals. Aurora Cabin looks like an awesome kit, and the EMS-sal does look gorgeous (but I still need to stitch 2009 and 2010-SAL!)

chrisstitches said...

Love the choices for this year....maybe this will be the year, Japanese Garden will be done.
Love the cabins best of all.
My list changed for 2012 since I got some recent goodies...those thrift store finds & gifts.

Anonymous said...

I love your list. I think the Aurora Cabin is my fav. Good luck with everything on your list. I cant wait to see your progress.

I would love to do an ornament a month!

SAL Addict

Emily in NC said...

Such beautiful project, and ambitious ones at that.

Nancy M said...

Somehow I missed this post?? Of course I'd like to see a finish on JG!!! I know you can conquer it! I have a few more LHN ornies that I am going to stitch up and would like to make some more for friends. My tree is getting pretty full! I got your New Years text too.....but I forgot to reply so now it seemed too late! Now that you don't have school should I try and make it over this winter if my friend heads to Rockford???

Akila said...

Wish you a very happy 2012 Meari. Wow, that's a loooot of stitching planned!! All the best with all of them. Happy stitching in 2012 :)

Lynette M said...

Aurora Cabin is amazing and the fabric did come out great. Boy, I hope you have good eyesight! Should be gorgeous.

Wanda said...

I signed up for the UFO Challenge too. But I want to finish the sampler that I started on New Year's Eve before I dig into the UFO pile. I am trying to decide how to approach it. Should I do the one that is closest to being finished, first? Or should I do the one that I like the best, first? Or should I rotate all of the darn things? And should I just toss the snowman angel that just fades on blue hand-dyed linen? While I finish the border around the sampler, I will have to reach a decision, I suppose? UFO D-Day will come quite soon, I fear. Maybe I can get Evalina to help me decide when she comes next week? Wanda in Edmonton