Oct 16, 2012

Do I Love Thee, or Do I Not

The blogging prompt for blog hop #10 is:
What’s your absolute least-favorite thread to work with?

I would have to say it's Eterna silks. They are slippery and are similar to DMC's satin floss. When I kitted up JG, I bought Eterna mini-twist and HDF. Mini-twist is better than the other line they have, but had I known... I'd have used DMC for the solid colors.

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Until next time,


Shaunterria Owens said...

JG is beautiful Meari! I don't think I could manage all those silks, my hands are way too rough and would catch all the time.


Karen said...

I've never tried Eterna, but I do know those DMC satin flosses are horrible to work with, so I can imagine.

Bridge said...

Very elegant and pretty! I have never stitched with silks.