Oct 10, 2012

I Was Grabbed!

I almost forgot that I was grabbed last week by Gail! She featured my cabinet makeover on Catch As Catch Can 91. How exciting is that?!

As you may have noticed my Marvelous Monday update is missing.  Last week was a bit crazy busy, and I'm still trying to play catch up.  Last Thursday night, my Mom was admitted to the hospital with bronchitis and pneumonia.  They let her go home on Sunday with an oxygen tank in tow.  The tank is almost as big as she is!  Home healthcare also delivered one of those oxygen making machines.  She has to be tethered to it until she has a follow up appointment with a lung specialist.  While in the hospital, they found scarring in her lungs and think she has some sort of lung disease.  There was also blood in her urine so she also has to see a kidney doctor.  Since Mom never gets sick, she didn't have a primary care doctor.  The hospital gave her one of those, too, which she has to go see.  The only time she's seen a doctor is when she had babies, appendicitis, and a tonsilectomy.  She just hasn't ever been sick in the past 45 years.  Mom always took care of Dad all these years (Yes, he is/was spoiled!) and I was worried that he wouldn't pick up the slack.  I actually woke up at 1am on Tuesday thinking about it!  After visiting my parents last night, Mom said Dad was helping her so I feel better about it.  Mom said she's feeling much better.  So now, we just have to wait to see what her three doctors have to say.

Jennifer of Feathers in Nest hosted a blog giveaway a few weeks ago. Guess who the winner was?!?

(If you guessed it was me, you were right!)

The middle part says:
I still find each day too short for
all the thoughts I want to think,
all the walks I want to take,
all the books I want to read,
all the friends I want to see.

Jennifer sent me the cutest little Storklette scissors (2 pairs!) and a chart called Each Day.  If you're not familiar with Jennifer's blog, click on over and check it out.  Her Mr. Darcy recently refinished an antique baker's cupboard that is just awesome.  Jennifer herself designs primitive style charts.  If you're into those, she puts her freebies on her blog.  She also has the cutest little white dog... Abby.

Last Saturday, I had the honor of meeting three stitchy ladies I have known online for many, many years.  The four of us along with at least 10 others from a Facebook group met up in Arlington Heights for a day of laughter, stitching, and snacking.  It was so much fun meeting everyone!

Mary and Nancy
The four of us
Some of the other ladies

While at the Stitching GTG, I finished yet another scissor fob.  Right now, it's winging its way to Canada so until it arrives there, I can't show a pic.

I also worked on JG's one-over-one stitching (32ct fabric) while at the GTG.  I'm finding that I have to do that section in shifts otherwise I think I'll go blind.  Thank goodness for the MagEyes I talked about in my previous post!

(Proof that I worked on JG!)

Here's what it looked like last week:
What it looks like now:

Last Summer, Donna at By The Bay Needleart has designed a Summer freebie SAL that I participated in.  If Multiply and Webshots wouldn't have changed their policies I could link up to the photo finish.  Donna has designed an Autumn SAL that started last week.  I finally got around to pulling the fabric and floss for it and put a few stitches in last night.  I'll take a photo as soon as I'm finished with Part I.

Lastly, I was behind a car in traffic and saw this bumper sticker.  I burst out laughing.

And to go along with it:
Until next time,


Vickie said...

Great post Meari. I really enjoyed the pictures of YOU! ;)

Emily in NC said...

Praying for your mom. Nice stitchy group pics its great to meet up once in a while.

Carolyn NC said...

Hope everything goes well with your mom and she continues to feel better. JG is beautiful, but I'm totally coveting the get together! Some of those ladies look familiar. Glad you all such a good time!

socialsue said...

I love your Japanese garden design! Isn't it great to meet people who love to stitch! Thank you for putting the name to the face of the stitchers!

ChrisG said...

Bummer about your mom. Hope she recovers and your Dad enjoys pampering her a little bit (tongue in cheek). Lovely stitching and it was nice seeing a photo of you.

Melinda said...

Thinking about your mom and dad. Fingers crossed all goes well. How wonderful to be able to get together and stitch with ladies you have met online. What fun. Love the bumper stickers. Thanks for sharing some great new blogs to view

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry to hear about your mom not being well - I hope that she will recover well!

Your stitchy get-together sounds like fun - sort of like our guild meetings - except ours are held in the church hall. The ladies also host regular stitch-alongs in their homes, but my work schedule does not permit me to attend those.

Congratulations on your latest win - it seems like it has become a habit for you - you are surely very lucky!

I love your progress on JG and I wish for you to find the discontinued floss.


Irene said...

My best wishes for your Mom.

Anne Sans Tete said...

JG looks beautiful! I'm sure you'll find the floss colors you need- someone, somewhere must have a stash of them!

Sorry to hear about your mom. I can't believe she hasn't been sick in so long! Good to hear she was able to go home; I hope the diagnosis is something not-so-bad.

Congrats on being featured on My Re-purposed Life!

The meet-up looked like a lot of fun; I love having others to stitch with!

- Lisa N.

Ranae said...

Wishing well for your mom, Meari
Congrats on being grabbed
Looks like you had fun and so sorry I couldn't go with you, I didnt have much fun working concessions, lol
I'd rather been stitching, lol
Nice progress, so pretty
Take care

Faith... said...

Loved seeing your JG in person...it is awesome and spectacular in person! It was great to finally meet you in person and hope we can do it again.

Prayers continue for your family...imagine that 45 years and no doctor - wow!

Gillie said...

Hope your mum is doing better, lovely to see what you look like!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom and will be praying for her.

Isn't it nice to meet with ladies that you email in the group.


Melody said...

Great progress on JG! So nice that you got to meet some dear friends in person. Looks like you all had a great time. Sending you positive thoughts to help you with your mom's ailments :)

Leanna said...

Oh Meari,
I hope your Mom is well. I will pray for her. Well, for all of you. Those lungs can be very tricky...ask her doctors as many questions as you can think of. You have to advocate for her and try to connect the dots between the three of them. Write everything down.
Your stitching is absolutely something else, Meari! You're such a talent! And you are the cutest thing!
All the best to you!

Kay said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of you and your stitchy adventures! I hope all will be ok with your mom, very understandable about it being unnerving for you. I hope all is going well with your week.

Mouse said...

oooo hello every one .. waving small paw at you all :)
sorry to hear about your mum .. hopefully she will start to feel better soon :)
gorgeous stitching and sounds like you may have found your floss too for the JG ??
loved the humour too hehehe :)
love mouse xxxxx

cucki said...

Wishing well for your mom deary..
wowwwwwww..Congrats on being grabbed
Looks like you had lots of fun..
great progress, so pretty..
hugs xxxx

Sue said...

Meari, I am so sorry to hear about your mom! I will keep her in my prayers sweetie.

Your photos are great! It is nice putting faces to names. Your JP looks fantastic and is coming along nicely.

Your cabinet being featured was a real honor! You do fabulous makeovers!

Happy Stitching,

Bridge said...

Thanks for the picture filled post, I loved it! I enjoy putting names to real people.
Sending your mom speedy recovery wishes.
You are making good progress on JP.

Pam in IL said...

Wow, you made great progress on JG! The stitching GTG looks like it was great time.

Glad your mom is home and hope she continues to do well.

Katie said...

Hope your mom gets everything taken care of. I swear if it's not one thing it's eight others.

Your stitching GTG looks like a lot of fun indeed. Love the progress on your JG.

Veronica said...

Hope your mum recovers 100% soon.

I enjoyed the photos. Love that one of you working on JG. You look great. Lovely progress on JG too.


Akila said...

Aww Meari, I hope your mom gets better soon. How awful it must be having to visit so many doctors, when she has not visited them frequently.
It's so good to see you working "live" on JG :)

glenda said...

JG looks so wonderful! What fun to meet your stitchy friends :)

I hope your mom recovers quickly and your dad keeps up the 'good work'.

Congrats on being a winner!

Karen said...

How nice that you were able to meet some new stitchers. The GTG looked like it was a blast! :)