Oct 29, 2012

Marvelous Monday Update 10/29/12

I saw an orthopaedic surgeon last Thursday regarding the carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndromes I have in my right hand/elbow. According to the EMG (nerve conduction) tests, I have moderate-severe carpal tunnel. Neither syndromes require surgery at this point, which is good because I didn't really want to have surgery! Basically, I have to deal with the symptoms.

If you've read some of my previous posts, you'll recall that I use MagEyes when I stitch. I wear glasses and the Mags allow me to stitch and see the TV or read the chart without switching glasses or taking the magnifiers off.  Over the past month or so, I've been annoyed that the foam strip on the inside of the Mags kept slipping up. My forehead would heat the foam, which would then heat up the glue and slippy-slide it would go.  I was constantly readjusting the foam!  I decided to make a removable band to replace the foam.

Isn't it cute?  It's lined with a piece of felt and held onto the Mags with velcro. That way, I can wash it if necessary.

A while back, I showed you the mailart I made for Connie in WV.  I received mailart from my partner last week.  Look what Chris B sent me:

See the little bottle?  That's a bottle of sand and seashells.  Chris told me, "The shells are from my mom  when she went to Bermuda. The sand is from Pensacola Beach which is about 20-30 minutes from my home."  Isn't that cool?

And for your viewing pleasure, I thought I'd share a photo of all the mailarts I've received over the years. From Finland, Malaysia, Florida, West Virginia, Nevada, and Australia...

(Clickable for larger image)

The postman must've really liked me because I got another package. This one was from Lisa (The Social Cross Stitcher) in the UK. I was the winner of her first ever blog giveaway!  She sent me a lovely pillow that she made:

Don't you just love the saying?

A couple weeks ago, I finished a prize gift for a winner of the box finishing contest held earlier this year.  I have received word that it has arrived at its new home with Debbie B.  Here's what I sent her:

Stitcher Sampler
found HERE.
Fabric: 22ct Hand-Dyed Purple Hardanger
Fibers:  Anchor 112
Embellished with handmade cording and tassel
Edited 2/23/2017: I researched to figure out where this freebie came from... The blog is called Nuestras Miniaturas. It was posted on December 29, 2010. The post can be seen HERE.
I put the fob together at the stitcher's GTG so Nancy, Mary, and Faith (as well as all the other attendees) got to see it in person.  I still want to make one for myself.  However, after making three fobs I need a break from making them for a while, lol.

I didn't think I'd be able to do it since I got started late... I finished the Autumn Mystery SAL!  Instead of the WDW called for in the chart, I subbed blended GAST Buttercrunch and Burnt Orange.  I also changed the ecru to white.  I created 3-D pumpkins with Rhodes stitches in DMC 640.

Autumn Mystery Sampler
Fabric: 28ct Mocha Linen
Fibers: DMC, GAST

Until next time,


Berly said...

Your stitching is beautiful! I can't believe all the mail art you have collected. No wonder you do it so well!

Kay said...

The mailart you got from Chris is wonderful! All the past mailarts you got is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! The little pillow you got is adorable as well. Love the fob and the autumn Mystery sampler. Take care of yourself and Happy Halloween!

Sandie said...

Hi Meari. Glad your health problems have been confirmed as what you were expecting. Nothing worse than not knowing what you are dealing with! I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist years ago - it was the best thing I ever did. Your mailart looks fabulous. You mean to say that you never lose items through the mail? I'm truly amazed.
Keep stitching there girl!

Cindy said...

The mail art is amazing. Love the pillow from Lisa. The saying is so right on

Faith... said...

Meari your BTB looks great! Congrats on the finish. Great packages from the mailman this week; I really love the saying on the pillow.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

I love the mail art.

Melissa said...

Wow! The mail art is so cool :) I've never seen something like this before actually - such a great idea.

Lovely stitching! I absolutely LOVE the scissor fob! Makes me want to try doing one too :)

Happy Stithing

Melinda said...

MailArt is amazing. I have learned so much about this World Of Stitching since I started blogging. And your blog is the best...

Love the 3d pumpkins on your Autumn Mystery SAL. What a great idea.

Katie said...

Glad you don't need surgery right now. LOVE the new mail art. I love ocean type of things and it's perfect. The sand in the bottle is fantastic.

Your pillow is beautiful. I agree I love the saying! The fob is too cute. I don't blame you though for needing a break. Love the autumn SAL great job finishing it.

Vickie said...

Cool mailart Meari. I have not forgotten, I just am too busy with commitment stitching yet!

cucki said...

wow i love the mail art so much..
beautiful stitching..

Denise SA said...

I love the autumn finish I might just have to stitch that one my self

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is lovely. I like your Rhodes pumpkins!

Linda M

Anonymous said...

Enjoy all your lovely stitched gifts and prizes - your Autumn SAL turned out nice!

Are you prepared for the Trick-or-Treaters?


Anonymous said...


What symptoms do you have with carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndromes? How bad does it get before they decide you need surgery? Can you do exercises to correct this? Or therapy?

You have come up with another great idea. I think it is time I get a pair of MagEyes. It is hard to keep up with the different pairs of reading glasses I have.

What a cute idea for mail art from Chris. I love the seashell and sand idea included.

Lisa did a beautiful job on the pillow.

The scissor fob finish is adorable.

I love your finish on the Autumn Mystery SAL. Those pumpkins are cute!

Akila said...

Very very pretty mail art you have received.
Autumn looks gorgeous with your conversions and changes. Pumpkins do stand out. I love the fabric you chose for the fob. Very pretty. Did you make the tassle yourself too?

Anonymous said...

The mail art is beautiful, Meari! I love that she sent you sand and seashells. :)

Karin in CA

Kathy A. said...

Love your latest mailart exchange. How cool to include seashells and seashore.
Your scissor fob is cute. Great stitching.
One day, we will do a mailart exchange once I am done my Round Robin obligations.

Anne Sans Tete -- Nome de plume! said...

Love the mailart! Someone should teach a class on it...*nudge* *nudge* :P

Congrats on the giveaway win. Love the scissor fob & the SAL- it looks great!

- Lisa N.

Pam in IL said...

Cute mailart and congrats on the win! Your BTB looks awesome. I've yet to start mine, but it is on my to-do list.

Good news that surgery isn't recommended. Talk to your massage therapist and chiro for ways to deal with the symptoms.

If anyone could come up with a fix to troublesome anything, it is you! Glad you were able to make a solution to the moving foam pad.

Anne said...

Wow! That mail art is super cool! I love how you collected them from around the world...my only worry is how do they not get dirty??!? Beautiful pillow you won...love the saying. Great work on the mystery SAL! I love the 3d pumpkins!!

Carolyn NC said...

Love all the stitching, but Mailart is one of my favorites! Well, that and fobs, too...lol Glad you don't need surgery and hope you can deal with it easily.

Lisa said...

Glad the pillow arrived safely, and that you liked it. I was on tenterhooks wondering how long it would take to arrive.

Anonymous said...

Glaad to hear that you do not need surgery right now.

Love all the mail art that you have received. Your scissors fob is very pretty also your pillow. Your Autumn Mystery Sampler looks very nice.


Anonymous said...

All the stitchy stuff is so beautiful, and Debbie is darned lucky to get that gorgeous fob.

You're so creative in regards to the mystery piece. I'm never brave enough to substitute threads, and I *love* the idea of using Rhodes stitches to make the pumpkins! It turned out great.

I hope your health situation improves immensely so that you can continue doing the things that give you joy, and at which you're clearly gifted.

Carol said...

Moderate to severe sounds serious, Meari--don't overdo things; I'd hate to have you facing surgery!

I'm always fascinated by that mail art--this one is just lovely. Chris did a beautiful job... And I love that little Scissor fob in purple--thanks for the link to the freebie :)

Congratulations on your SAL finish--it looks fabulous...The little Rhodes stitched pumpkins are perfect!

Take care now and Happy November (where, oh where, is this year going!!??)...

Anonymous said...


You have got really beautiful mailart and that pillow is gorgeous too
I really like your scissorfob stitching too
That Autumn mystery SAL picture looks really beautiful too


Joy said...

Meari, the best thing is that you are able to manage your condition and still do what you enjoy. Continued blessings!! Love what you did with the Mageyes! I am looking into getting a pair & will keep your idea in mind. Love the mailart!!

Sue said...

Sorry I have been behind in my posts! Your mail art is just gorgeous and I love the purple fob you made!

The Autumn BTB sampler is so pretty! Love the colors and the fabric you used.

Your idea of the covered head band is very unique!!!! I keep telling you that you are Meari, the tool gal!!!! You have it all over Tim, the tool man....LOL


Karen said...

Congrats on finishing the SAL! I love the finished piece. The mailart is gorgeous! I hope your arm/wrist starts feeling better and I'm very glad to hear that you don't need surgery.

Char Gentzel said...

Meari - your autumn sal is really nice! great stitching!! I really enjoyed stitching mine. :)

Lyn said...

Congrats on the finish and and the mail art is very nice!

glenda said...

That pillow is gorgeous! Lucky you :) Your fob and SAL are lovely...I like the changes you made to the SAL.

I hope you can keep the pain under control :(

Nancy M said...

Nice exchanges and more winnings....sigh.....LOL I am thinking about getting the type of magnifiers that click on your glasses, have you tried those??