Oct 12, 2012

My Stitching Corner of the World

Over the past couple of months, I've made some changes to my stitching area so I thought I'd share.  I used to sit on the end of the sofa with all my stitchy stuff spread out.  Now, I've moved to this:

The chair is a recliner and SO comfortable
and doesn't take up much room. 
(I have a small living room)

The lamp I use for stitching is a daylight lamp that I got at Shopko on clearnace several years ago.  It also came with a table top version that works really well, too.  (I took it with me for the first time to the stitching GTG last week)  The cord is long enough that I can move it to either side of my chair... convenient with I'm stitching two-handed with the lapstands.

To the right of my chair, I use a collapsible music stand to hold my magnet board, working copy of my chart, and a highlighter.

On the left is the cabinet I recently upscaled (not pictured).  On it, I have my scissors, needlebook, an ort bag/pincushion, floss, and usually a beverage.  In the cabinet, I keep the "glove" and Mag Eyes...  mentioned in my stitching must haves post.

My stash collection is in various rooms of the house, but mostly concentrated in the spare bedroom/craft room and 4-season room.

In my 4-season room, I have a 5-shelf unit that contains cross stitch books, binders of freebies and tutorials, older magazines, some charts, and other stitchy odds/ends.  A photo of the partial shelf can be seen HERE. The photo is older -- the top shelf of reference books has been replaced with xs ones, lol. There is a huge plastic bin of Pine Mountain kits/pillows that I won from a blog giveaway last year. In the same room is an antique "library desk" (That's what my Dad always called it) that I used to do my homework as a kid when I still lived at home. On top and underneath are boxes of fabric, kits, and charts that I haven't put away yet. There's also a huge box that I throw stash in that I eventually get listed on my FSOT blog. I really need to clean and organize that room! Thank goodness, I can close the French doors so no one can see in there.

In my living room, I have two small baskets that hold stash that I want to do. Remember the storage ottoman I re-upolstered a while back? I keep my current WIPs in there. It's really big enough to store a lot more stuff, but let's not go there, ok?

In the spare bedroom, I have my stash armoire that I picked up at a thrift store. It pretty much looks the same as in THIS blog entry that explains what stash is where, with the exception of the bottom drawer... it's full. On top of the armoire, I have self-made storage boxes that I store my various types of fabrics and ready-to-stitch items (towels, coasters, afghans, etc). In the closet, I built shelving on the left side to store my sewing machine, charts in smaller bins, and beading supplies.

There are also two medium sized bins... one for charts and one for magazines (mostly UK ones).

I probably have enough to open a small LNS... LOL... but it's nice not having to go to the store every time I need something. 


Sue said...

Meari, mine looks about the same....ahem!!! maybe a little more cluttered...lol........I need to get mine in order (no such thing!) I am going through and picking out charts this morning that I want to kit up and get the threads today while on sale at AC Moore! I do straighten and clean up my area every Friday, so today is the day! I also have an ottoman that I can store projects in, however, it would be full to the brim!!!!!


Mrs. GraceWorks said...

I *love* your stitching chair! I have a small recliner like that on my wish list! What a fun stash shop it sounds like you have. The box full of Pine Mtn kits sounds intriguing! Happy stitching!!


Kay said...

I love your little nook that you stitch in. When I stitch my place is on the far end of the couch where I can lay all of my supplies on the end table next to me : )My living room is a bit out of sorts though I have all of my supplies cluttered out here for all to see. Happy stitching!!

Melody said...

All of that sounds a little too familiar, lol. I have the same light that you have and I love it! Every bit as good as an OttLite and waaay cheaper. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us :)

Akila said...

I loove that stitching corner. This is exactly what I have in mind for myself. Currently I just spread my stuff all around me on the floor of our drawing room, while I watch TV.
Have a great time stitching here :)

Pam in IL said...

Oh how I would like to get my hands on your box of stash that will be eventually listed on your FSOT blog!

Isn't funny how when you start listing all the places, cabinets, boxes, ottomans, etc. it sounds like every room in your house is devoted to stash and yet we still NEED more stash?

cucki said...

aww i love your stitching corner so much..very sweet..
sending you hugs xxx

Faith... said...

Looks great Meari and I loved going down memory lane looking at your past projects while reading.

glenda said...

Great storage! My craft room office is not so neat..but I'm still working on it :)

I stitch on the loveseat next to the honey (or cat) lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari,

I just finished looking at your blog. Wow you are so organized. I wish I had half my stuff organized as you do. Your talents on refinishing things is awesome.

I think we all have enough stash to open a small shop. Have a great day and keep us informed as you keep finding ways to store your stash.


Karen said...

Wow! You sure do have a lot of stuff lol! Great storage! It's awesome that you have been able to recycle so many pieces. I love your stitching nook!

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely, Meari! I don't stitch at home (or at least, I haven't in a long time). So, my stitching area looks like whatever table we find at a coffee shop and my tote with my table stand, threads, charts, etc. :) I'm lucking in this house, in that the master closet has a section of shelving/cubby holes, and all of my stash fits there.

Karin in CA

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! I wish I was that organized. it looks comfy and also functional at the same time. Thanks for sharing.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Mouse said...

oooo i used to use a music stand too for my charts ... mine stash is at the moment all contained in my conservatory / craft room .... need a bigger place though ... working on it hehehe :)
love mouse xxxxx

Anonymous said...


Your stitching area is so neat! That started out as a statement of how functional, but it is also so "neat", as in mine is always cluttered.

Sally S

Lana said...

Love your stitchy area!!! Looks so comfy and everything so easily accessible!!! Great light!!!

Mylene said...

WOW! Love your staitching area. Wish i am as organize as you.

Anonymous said...


Your stitching corner is lovely.
I have just little corner in soffa , where I stitching( or Honestly , ususally I use all soffa ) lol
I enjoy all the time to read for your blog


Kelly said...

Looks great! Unfortunately, my stitching is spread out on one of the sofas and I have to constantly move it all when my granddaughter is here or when people visit. I need to sort something similar for myself but can not see it happening for a while.

Anonymous said...

Meari, The start of your latest blog entry could have been written by me!

Until recently I stitched on the couch too... speading myself out. We recently purchased a new couch and recliners, one I now sit in. I don't have room to put a table near my chair and was struggling to balance a table lamp, my magnetic chart board and other stuff on the arms and have enough room to feel comfortable.

Then I saw your post about the music stand and remembered we still have one from when my daughter played violin. Perfect solution thank you so much. Teamed with the floor lamp I picked up the same day it has solved a lot if "balancing" issues and given me so much more room.

Brisbane Australia

Anonymous said...

Meari you are so organized my corner is so messy I try to straighen it out and then I can't find anything so I just leave it a mess. lol

Angie in GA