Jan 15, 2008

Joys of a College Student

It’s 5:20pm as I pull into the college parking lot. As usual, it’s jammed packed so I end up parking on the far side and hoof it to the building where the lab is located. I arrive to see I could have my pick of computers... except for one student, the lab is empty.

I choose a terminal facing the lone student. I think he’s the same guy people were making fun of in my ecology class, but I’m not sure. As I’m fumbling my way through my Access assignments, I continuously hear the sucking of snot. Yeah, gross eh? Imagine sitting across from it for almost 3 hours! I kept thinking to myself: “You’re a freakin grown man, go blow your nose!” A few times I looked up from my computer screen to see him rubbing his nose. (Ewww!) Then touch the computer keyboard! Ack. Note to Self: Bring Lysol sanitizing wipes next time.

When I couldn’t stand the sound effects anymore, I put on my headphones and listened to the music I have uploaded to my phone. That MP3 player comes in handy!

At 8:10pm, the lab assistant kicks us out. I guess the lab closes at 8pm. Oops.

As I exit the building, I observe the barren parking lot. Figures. I also notice that it’s extremely COLD. Halfway to the car, I was started to shiver and made sure not to breathe too deeply so my asthma wouldn’t flare up. What was I thinking?!? Only an insane person would park way out in the boon-docks. Oh yeah, didn’t have a choice. Note to self: Take off work early to get a good parking space. No wait, that might not be a good idea. It was like the devil and the angel sitting on my shoulders having a conversation. Maybe try a different parking lot next time.

Much to my surprise, I managed to get 2½ weeks worth of assignments done in 3 hours. If I only had about 15 more minutes, I would’ve been able to finish the last assignment before the quiz. Maybe I can do that before my Business Law class tonight.


Mel said...

brutal on parking. that is no fun at all.
hope you got to go home and stitch a bit to take the edge off. :)

Marita said...

Great job getting so much work done in such a short space of time. Hope you get a better park next time.

stitcherw said...

Congratulations on getting so much done, that must have been a great feeling. Hopefully you can get the last assignment done easily, and that you're not sitting accross from someone who is constantly snuffling.

Your tin topper in your earlier entry is lovely, wonderful color choices.

Christine H said...

Tis the season for gross people. Hope parking gets better for you. But seeing I work at an University I know better. Congrats on getting so much work done.

Deirdre said...

Sniffers drive me crazy! It's even worse when they wipe it off with the back of their hand or shirt in church:( So gross!

Good job on getting your school work done!