Jan 7, 2008

Monday Update 1/7/08

What do I have to say on this first official Monday of the year?

Crisis of the Day
The safety pin that's holding my slacks up is getting on my nerves. For the umpteenth time this morning, it has popped open and I spend a minute or so re-fastening it so that my pants stay up where they belong. The weight I lost over the summer has made a lot of my pants hang down where they don't belong. I suppose if I wanted to be a member of the 'hood, that'd be OK, but I prefer the crotch of my pants to be up where it belongs. LOL I guess I should invest in larger safety pins.... or new slacks.

Movie Monday
I saw "P.S. I Love You" over the weekend. Film critics don't give it high ratings, but I really liked the movie. Before seeing it, I thought it would be a tear-jerker movie. It's actually very funny, with a couple of heart-tugging moments. More about the movie:

A sweet, smart Manhattanite (Hilary Swank) loses her husband (Gerard Butler) to cancer. The movie starts out with a long couples argument about everything: apartments, careers, money, starting a family... between a spirited Irishman Gerry (who rarely "plans" anything) and his real-estate wife Holly (who is all about working a "plan")... and afterwards they have great make-up sex, with Butler doing an hilarious striptease in boxers and suspenders.

From there, the movie jumps ahead to Gerry's funeral, where we find out he died from a brain tumor. Holly goes into mourning, holing up in her messy apartment, watching old movies. Before his death, Gerry wrote Holly a series of letters that she received over several months (almost a year) to help her cope and move forward. He even planned a vacation for her to Ireland.

Holly's new life includes potential romance with Irish singer William (Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Who is VERY HOT, HOT, HOT!). Then there’s bartender Daniel (Harry Connick Jr.), a semi-love interest who claims not to have a filter, blurting out anything that pops in his head -- no matter how insensitive or rude. The film focuses on Holly's immediate loss, but it also introduces Holly's emotional damage from her father's abandonment, as well as her friend Denise's (Lisa Kudrow) pursuit for the perfect man.

If you want a moving story about love and grief, this movie didn't go down that road. It's a romantic comedy featuring hard-bodied leads in their skivvies and naked butt shots, as well as humorous one-liners.

Getting into a Routine
It's that time of year again... Time for the GET FIT CHALLENGE sponsored by the local hospital and health clubs. For the past three years, my firm has sponsored a team and this year is no exception. I go into for initial health screening this week. To get into the groove, I started using my exercise tapes (The Firm series) last week. Yesterday morning I walked 3.5 miles. Anyone ever use Carmen Electra Striptease Aerobic DVD's?

Wacky Weather
Who'da thunk that during the first week of January, we would hit record high temps? Yesterday and today, temps got up to 60. I think the last record high was back in 1949 @ 49F. There is a tornado watch in effect for all of northern Illinois until 9pm. Tornado in January?!?


mercy said...

Meari thanks for the movie review. My cousin (a guy) has been trying to get me to go see this movie (he wants to say I dragged him to go see it LOL) and I just didn't think it would be good but you're like the millionth person to tell me it was good!

If you ever try the Striptease DVDs let me know what you think about it. I like that one of them is done straight from bed LOL

Jennifer's life and goings on said...

Tornado in January, is very weird. I hope you all keep safe, and I hope that you don't have one.

Missy said...

P.S. I Love You is an awesome book, check it out from the library. The author is Cecelia Ahern, great writer.

Barbara said...

Needing a safety pin to hold your "too big for you pants" is really a good thing. Much better than having pants that are too small for you. LOL
Barb in TX

Barb said...

The movie sounds good. I might want to see that. Your weather came our way! The worse of the storm just passed over us about a half hour ago. We had tornado warnings and radar was showing tornado but didn't touch down here, it may east. (We are really close to Lake Michigan so rarely will a tornado hit us, they usually fly over us. We did get a lot of wind, hail, and heavy rain though with this storm. Another one is due in later tonight. Then 30's tomorrow! Strange weather!

Kathryn said...

Buy new pants. Not only will they fit better, but you will feel better. I bought some new pants in August. I've worn size 24 for I don't know how long. When I got a pair that fit nicely it was a shock to see that they were 20s! I bought another pair I was so jazzed about skipping two sizes.

Kathy said...

LOL!!! Your pants story had me almost rolling on the floor laughing. Love reading your posts.

Chiloe said...

Have you thought about buying a belt? lol

I would never use a striptease aerobic dvd as my husband will never let me finish the dvd,if you see what I mean ;-) lol

glenda said...

ok, naked butt shots was all it took for me. I'm going to put the movie on my rental list. I'm still in lust with Gerard Butler from the movie 300. i'm now officially drooling on my keyboard.....