Jan 8, 2008

Tornado Hits!

In the 60 years Illinois has been recording weather, only two tornadoes have occurred in the month of January. Yesterday’s was one of them. The other was in 1950.

Yesterday afternoon, a tornado hit a town two counties east of where I live. Six homes were destroyed, as well as a well known apple orchard where families I know have visited over the years. Six thousand people were without power, and as of this morning 600 are still going without. News reports say that only two people were injured. One of my coworkers believes they drove under the clouds (just a county east) that created the tornado… on their way home from O’Hare Airport. Interesting enough, a woman from the city that was hit sent a message to the Freecycle group informing everyone of how she and her kids spent time in the basement, waiting.


Julie R said...

Glad to hear you didn't get hit with the tornadoes.