Jan 2, 2008

Who's Idea Was This?

I would’ve never dreamed that it would be SO difficult finding a good restaurant to eat at on New Year’s Day. After a dozen phone calls, I found one restaurant open… and not a good one at that. Most pubs were closed, too. When T arrived for our evening out, I said: “Who’s bright idea was it to go out to eat on New Year’s Day?” He said it was mine. LOL (It was his!) We ended up driving all over town looking for a decent place to eat. Ended up at a nice Italian restaurant that I’d been to before. Ambiance was nice. Food was so-so this time. Conversation was good. He’s witty and keeps me on my toes! After dinner, we stopped at Blockbuster and picked up “License to Wed” with Robin Williams. It had some funny parts in it, but overall it was so-so. Another enjoyable evening.


Chiloe said...

Well, I guess it's fine if everything is so so excpet THE man !!! lol

Sharon said...

Ditto what Chiloe said! T seems really interested. How do you feel?