Jan 28, 2008

Monday Update 1/28/08

I did a little bit of stitching on the border of my RR. My theme is going to be snowmen. I'm starting out with the "Father Time" Vermillion Snowmen Series, and hope that the successive ones are just as cute. I've chosen a 14ct "gold" aida by DMC. It's a light tan color with flecks of gold in it. It's pretty, but very stiff. I'm hoping that during stitching, it will become more flexible. I've come to the realization with my neck and arm problems that I can't stitch for more than an hour at a time before my right arm starts to hurt REALLY bad. So much so that I have to lie down and relax in order for it to stop hurting. *sigh*

Get Fit Challenge
I didn't do quite as well this week as I did last week. I only managed to get aerobic exercise on 3 days, and strength training on 3 days. I always do well on the water drinking requirement. Lots of water on all 7 days. I need to get to the store so I can stock up on some more veggies.

Last week a ton of snow was dumped on us. Today, the temps are supposed to be 44F (right now it's 38F). Later, it's supposed to rain. Snow on Tues. Temps at 17F on Wed. What the...?!?

As I suspected, B-Law II is keeping me busy. There is a lot of reading and a lot cases that I need to be prepared for at the end of each chapter. Between reading, notetaking, and case studies, it takes me an average of 3 hours per chapter. Tonight, I plan on going to the college and finish up the semester in my Intro to Access class. The instructor hasn't graded all my work so far, but I'm not going to wait any longer. Over a week is long enough. LOL

Car (Again!)
Ah, ya gotta love it. NOT. I wanted to do some household shopping on Saturday afternoon, but guess what?! The battery in the car was dead again. So out came the charger. I worked on homework while it charged. By the time it was charged, I didn't feel like shopping. *sigh* This ONLY happens during the winter. I am SO ready for spring!


Terry said...

Sounds like you have been very busy with school. Hopefully the work load will lighten up a little but if not you always have spring break to look forward to! Have you had someone check your alternator out on the car? (My ex rebuilds them and it sounds like it's probably an issue with a switch or wire.) Hope the cold weather goes away for you soon. It's cold here too; well it is for us. (I think my blood has thinned out way too much!!) It's in the 60's brrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

How old is this car? It sounds to me like something is drawing battery power while the car is off and parked.

Definitely get both the alternator and the starter checked out. I think at this point the mechanics may need to "just start replacing parts and see if they get lucky", as you said last week they didn't want to do. The big issue is cost...

CritterLady62 said...

Good luck with school. I was in a Constitutional Law class that took up quite a bit of time. I found it interesting so I didn't mind, LOL. The snowman series you picked for your RR is absolutely adorable! I'll be anxious to see pictures. { Hint, hint }

Marita said...

You have been busy!

Even a small amount of exercise is better than none. Good job keeping going.

Anonymous said...

Snow???!!! Send some over - here it's just rainy and pretty mild, a bit like beginning of spring actually :-)

stitcherw said...

The snowman series looks like it will be a fun one. Sorry your arm has been bothering you after you stitch for a bit, hopefully it will settle down and not cause problems for you soon.

I think you're doing great on your fit goals. With all you have going on with school and work, fitting in time for exercise is quite a challenge, good for you on sticking to it. We are getting the crazy weather here too, thunderstorms are forecasted for tonigh. Rain, ice, thunderstorms, below O temp and then up to 40, really weird, no wonder everyone seems to be getting colds and things lately. Take care of yourself,

Barbara said...

You have such a busy schedule. Turning 40 isn't too bad (I just turned 60 last Sept - lol). Sorry bout your arm and sure hope the pain stops asap! Cars are a real pain - too bad we need them so much. Love your snowmen rr project and really look forward to seeing its progress.
Barb in TX

Barbara said...

An added note - thank you for all your posts about the snow. It keeps me sooooo thankful I moved from NW IN to SE TX 10 yrs ago. Don't miss the snow one bit!!! LOL
Barb in TX

Nancy said...

That car thing would just *pi** me off!! I hope you can resolve the sore arm problem, you won't get much done if you can only get in an hour. But with school and work I don't know how you get in any time!! I think the snowman series will be cute too, looking forward to seeing the next one in a couple days.

glenda said...

I hated business law! yuck.
Keep up the good fight, girl! You amaze me ;)