Jan 21, 2008

Monday Update 1/21/08

Movie Monday
On Saturday, T and I went to see "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It was a good flick.

Two elderly men, auto mechanic Carter Chambers (Freeman) and hospital-corporation head Edward Cole (Nicholson), discover they are both terminally ill with cancer. Sharing a hospital room, they become friends and decide to fulfill their personal desires through "The Bucket List" before they "kick the bucket". Bankrolled by the wealthy Cole, they sky dive, race each other in classic cars, and take Cole's private jet around the world. They see the Egyptian pyramids, the North Pole, and laugh until they cry. In the end, Chambers dies on the operating table and Cole, inspired by his friend, goes to make up with his daughter realizing life is too short. The last shot shows the continuation of the first. It shows Cole's assistant (Sean Hayes from Will & Grace) climbing the mountain and visiting Chambers' grave and placing Cole's ashes in the small tomb along with Chambers'.

Car Woes (again)
Anyone who's been following my blog for a while knows the trouble I have with my car in the winter. If I don't start it AT LEAST once a day, the darn thing goes dead. I've replaced the battery 3 times, and have had it in the shop where I was told they can't figure out what's wrong... and they don't want to just start replacing parts in an effort to get lucky. Plus, it ONLY happens during the winter. So anyway, since we took T's car on Saturday to the movies, my car sat in the garage all weekend. It didn't occur to me to start it until last night. Guess what? It wouldn't start. So in sub zero temps, out comes the battery charger and away we go! I'm just glad I thought about it last night instead of this morning right before work...

I've been playing catch-up in B-Law II since classes started last week. On the first night of class, the instructor lectured on two chapters we hadn't even read. So, I've spent every night reading each of those chapters plus the two chapters that will be discussed this week. Plus, at the end of each chapter are cases that we need to be prepared to discuss in class. Last night, I spent at least 3.5 hours on one chapter plus cases. Three chapters down, one to go!

Go Away!
*grumble* I woke up this morning with a killer migraine. I stumbled to the bathroom and took a couple of Tylenol (mistake-didn't help), called the secretary at work to let her know I'd be in late, then went back to bed. When it was clear the Tylenol wasn't working, I took Excedrin Migraine and started to get ready for work. By the time I left the house, the headache was tolerable... only felt like my eye wanted to pop out of it's socket. My guess is that it was caused by the stress of trying to get all my homework done for this week. *sigh*


Deirdre said...

I hope the rest of your week gets better!

My migraines are all stress related - the worst one I ever had, that landed me in the emergency room, was stress from a grad school class I was taking!

Marita said...

My you have been busy!

All that reading, no wonder you got a migraine.

glenda said...

Take care of yourself, girl. I agree with the stress relationship to the migraine. Maybe an at home stitching weekend all by yourself???