May 11, 2009

Marvelous Monday Update 5/11/09

However, I'm going to share anyway! LOL Last week when I bought mouthwash (Listerine) it came with a small bottle of pre-brush teeth whitening rinse. I thought, "What the heck, I'll try it."

My gawd! For at least five minutes, I gagged, heaved, and almost wretched my stomach up through my throat. I've never had that kind of reaction to anything! And it definitely doesn't have the "fresh mint" taste as proclaimed on the bottle. I rinsed with water and mouthwash -and- still couldn't get that taste out of my mouth! Throughtout the day, I felt nauseated and occassionally could still taste it. First AND last time, I use that stuff!

So, me being me, I go online to read up on it and found all THESE negative comments! Some of them aren't very pretty. Yuck.

I worked on putting Quaker Cube together over the weekend. I had a mishap where *somehow* I spilled spaghetti sauce on the corner of one of the cube sides. I didn't find out until this morning. Sooooo... I frantically spent my morning trying to get the stain out. Talk about disheartening!

The weather is finally nice enough so I could go buy flowers for my planters and hanging baskets. Here's what I came home with:

I wanted to plant Mums around the base of the lamp post in the front yard. At the last minute, I decided I wanted to create a flower bed around it THEN plant the Mums. I'm still not sure I like it, but it'll do for this year.

Last year, on my way to work I saw a sign at the curb: "Forsynthia - Free" I turned my car around and went back and got what was the equivalent of a 1/2 palm of roots. I thought "What the heck" and planted them in 2-gallon pots I had. They started to grow last summer and I wintered them in my garage. Here's what they look like now:

Soon, I'll have to figure out where I
want to plant these shrubs!

This is just one mound of Periwinkle, I got from a Freecycler last year:

Friday was a strange day for Ghosts of BF's Past! First, I get a text from XBF from 5 years ago telling how much he missed me. I responded by saying I was seeing someone. Flood gates opened, and berages of texts came from him about how great I am, deserve the best, how we could talk on the phone and be friends like before, how much he cares for me, yadda, yadda, yadda. I ignored them all.

Then... I received a text from S (BF from almost 2 years ago) asking if I wanted to go garage saling with him. What?! I responded back "No, I have plans". Then he texted me: "So do I" LOL, sure he did... That's why he was asking me to hang out with him.

Geesh... What is the problem with these guys that they don't get the hint?! 2-5 years is P-L-E-N-T-Y of time to go away. It's not like I encourage them! As a matter of fact, I've told XBF5 not to text me. Obviously, he doesn't listen.

On to better things.....

I'm sure there are a few of you chomping at the bit, waiting for the next installment re: the "new guy". He's still as thoughtful and considerate as ever! He's told his Mom about me and showed her photos I sent him via cell phone. I showed my BFF his photo and her response was: "He's HOT!" LOL -- Yeah, he's a good looking guy, all right. And he's good on the inside, too. So what did we do this week?

Wed: We had plans to grill dinner at my house after I got done with tutoring. Mother Nature didn't cooperate and rained on our parade. "New guy" suggested he take me out, instead. Who's gonna argue with that? Not me!

Fri: He invited me to his house (my first time) and cooked dinner for me. Grilled butterfly pork chops... Yumm. He even "suffered" through two episodes of "Wife Swap". It was very enlightening seeing his reactions to how different couples ran their households.

Sat: I invited him to see a play at the community theater with me, which was pretty good. Not as comical as the last one I saw, but still had it's funny parts. Oh, he took me out to dinner before the play. We ate way too much!

He still opens doors for me and allows me to enter first. He is very observant and tries to make sure I'm comfortable. Lots of good conversations about life issues. He calls and texts daily. The comfort level is such like we've known each other a long time. He's even made plans for us to go to a comedy show at the end of JULY!

For Mother's Day (no, I'm not a mother.. LOL) -- He bought me a planter of Hens and Chicks. I had been looking at them when I bought my flowers, but didn't get any.

When I got in his car for the play, I didn't see a box on the seat and sat on it. So I moved it to the console, and he gave it back to me. LOL (Apparently, it was for me) It was the other part of my Mother's Day gift:

Isn't it beautiful?


5footrunt said...

I agree with you on the whitening rinse. It's so gross. Your flowers look pretty, I like the color of those mums. New guy sounds like a catch, glad to hear how good it's going.

Nancy said...

Holy crap....he's a keeper for sure....send me that picture on my phone! I need a visual now! I didn't see a picture of the is wrecked?? I did all my pots 2 weekends ago...I need to take pictures so I can see what they look like from the start and then at the end. I'm going to get Carl to make a bed under one of my trees this year. Notice I said Carl is......that's his department! LOL

Nancy said...

Almost forgot...sorry about the mouth rinse. We use the Crest blue rinse here and everyone likes it (mostly kids too) but we haven't tried this stuff.

Kim said...


Sorry about the cube issue but the new guy sounds awesome. Tell the other losers to go away, you found someone better. I think he could be a keeper!!

Carolyn NC said...

You go girl! - love the sound of this new guy! On the rinse, I bought a pro-health rinse once (as it was good for you....); spotted my teeth brown - I nearly passed out! Luckily, in a few days it disappeared. Love all the plants and flowers. That mound of periwinkle will grow and grow. We used to have it and it came back every June through October. Great plant! Ouch on the cube - hope you can rectify it!

CJ said...

Sounds like you had a great week, except for the EXBF's and thier BS. But who cares, you have a nice guy in your life so enjoy it.

Have a great day!!!!


Terry said...

Flowers are very pretty. Like what you've done with them.

Ex BF are just dense. Current man sounds like a dream come true. Hope things continue to flow like they have been. He sounds like he could be a keeper. (okay, really he is a keeper!!!!!) When you are ready, we ALL want to see a picture of this one.

valerie said...

Ok, let me pick my jaw up from the floor...he bought you a flower pot and jewelry...holy crap! I'm amazed...he sounds awesome!Can he train my BF? He's driving me nuts...but then he's all broken and everything.

Love all the flowers...oh...giveaway will be in the mail tomorrow. Let me know when you get it! Hope you like! :)

Lou's addictions said...

Wow this guy sounds better all the time!! Sounds promising if he's making plans for July too.

Rene la Frog said...

Can't wait to see your cube.

This new guy looks better and better with each update.

Kathy said...

Hey does this new guy have any older brothers??


Donna said...

Nancy said it best. Holy crap. Oh my. This is nice. I am really keeping my fingers crossed for you on this one. You deserve someone to treat you special.

Becca in MD said...

DOn't know about the whitening rinse, but I have the same reaction to Listerine, so we already know your ick-threshold is higer than mine.

So glad you're having fun with the Potential. :)

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Oh Meari,
What a special guy you have found.
Don't let him slip through your fingers.

Gabi said...

Gosh...he IS a keeper. He sounds almost to good to be true. The necklace and planter are lovely. It's so nice to hear that you found a really really nice guy.
Hope you got the spots out of the quaker cube. Nice plants. I do like the lamp post whith the plants. Looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

I planted my garden earlier. They are al dead The heat index is in the 100 and water is limited. Bought wild flower seeds and hoping to begin again. My bluebonnets buds are looking good.
Love the planter (I want one). What a great guy you have there.
I have ex freind that text me all the time too but I give them excuses. I did go on two dates this week (two different guys) they are both nice and think if they ask again I will go out with them until I see what will happen. Maybe I will get as luck as you are. Keep us informed and post his picture.
~Mary in TX-ILCS

Deborah said...

Flowers are beautiful!! Things sound like they are going great with new guy.......BUT, just keep in mind if it seems to be too good to be true, it usually is!! This is not to say he could be Mr. Right, but you have got too much to bring to the table, make sure he has the same!! I hope with all my heart he is "the one", but I also don't want to see your heart broken again either!! Just take it slow and see what develops!! I always insisted on friendship, courtship with possibility of lasting relationship!! But, who am I to give "guy" advice? I simply got so sick and tired of the singles' scene and the dating routines that suddenly one day my ex-husband did not look so bad after fifteen years of being separated and did it again!! He is not perfect, but I least I know what to expect and he is Mr. Perfect when he is good which is about 99% of the time, but it is that 1% that NOBODY deserves that truly gets my last nerve!! Let's just say, I hope and pray the third time is a charm!! One thing I learned in dating routines is that their is some thing wrong with all these guys who have not married and stayed married by our age..........some fixable, some not!! I sincerely wish the best for both of you, but just take it nice and slow and don't end up getting that great, sweet, kind, dear and loving heart of yours stomped on again!! You are way too good of a woman for just any guy!! And, please save a weekend for us yet, with or without him, soon as I am hoping to get back on my feet and ready to "roll up my sleeves, get out the big crayolas and learn all I possibly can from your help!! I am starting to feel a bit better and just need to get a week or so to prepare every thing for your coming so we can get some serious organization accomplished!! I so want my Stitching Sanctuary finished by next time you come and it has a few weeks on me at this time for all the time I was just down!!
Very truly happy for you and want to see you always be as wonderful and great as you are and have it returned 110% to you always!!
Love and Hugs!!
Deborah and Max
and Miprezious, too!!

Mel said...

Wow! Your man just gets better and better. I'm glad you told the old ones off and moved past it without letting it ruin your day.
Your garden is coming along so nicely!
I can't wait for the next update from you on stitching and life! :)

Katrien said...

Your flowers are beautiful. He really sound like a keeper!

Ranae said...

I have heard not good things about that rinse.
I sure hope you got the sauce out of the cube fabric.
The flowers are so pretty.
Eva left me comment saying they are meeting up at Welcome Stitchery on the 30th. We will talk more about that.
We want to see a pic of Mr. Wonderful. He sure knows how to buy for a girl.
Take care!!

Chiloe said...

Too good to be true? I just hope he's the one and makes you happy ;-)

Dawn B. said...

Love the garden and the Mothers Day gifts. Happy Mothers Day

Carissa said...

Wow! He goes to community theatre too? You gotta keep him Meari! And Ewwwww......on the rinse!

Emily said...

Gawd, some of those comments, I will definetly not be trying that. Your yard looks great, and he is a keeper for sure, still opening doors, lucky you. And that necklace, what can I say.

Debra said...

Your flowers are beautiful and what nice gifts.

Kristin said...

He sounds fabulous. The planter is super cool. Love the necklace and your flowers are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers! I just planted a bunch of annuals too! Wish I'd thought to take a picture first!!! I'll take pictures now that they're in though!

Love the MD gifts!! What a sweet guy!! He really sounds like a keeper!!!
Pam K.

Alberta said...

Meari, your circle flower bed is very pretty! I can't wait to see it later this summer as the plants fill in. Well done!

Hope the spaghetti sauce came out too.

Shelleen said...

the new guy is treating you the way that you should be treated, he is a keeper.