May 4, 2009

Meari's Marvelous Monday Update 5/4/09

Simone is celebrating her 4-year anniversary! Stop by her blog to see the grab bag she's giving away.

Mel has a great Mirabilia Giveaway on her blog. Wander on over to see which one it is.

Two more weeks left in this semester. I didn't do so well on my second test, and I was VERY disappointed in myself. So, I studied quite a bit harder on the subsequent two chapers for the 3rd test.

I took advantage of the *really* nice weather on Sunday and sat outside in my backyard to work on the answers for Test 3. I sat there thinking, Why does MY leg hurt?! I looked down and my thigh was sunburned! Just my thigh. LOL On my other leg, the inside of my knee was burned. I then proceeded to observe other body parts and found my left forearm was burned, too. One word: Sunscreen! Last night and today, my thigh and forearm are ON FIRE!

The good news? I ended up with a "B" on my test. I can live with it!

For anyone who's been reading my blog for a while, you probably know about the Get Fit Challenge I (and my coworkers) participate in each year. The final screening for weight, cholesterol, BMI, and BF was on Saturday. I walked away very disappointed and upset... My weight only went down less than a pound, cholesterol went down about 6 points, BMI stayed the same, -BUT- my body fat percentage went up 10 points. Now tell me HOW that can happen? The nurse who did the screening couldn't tell me why. It just doesn't make sense.


Lana said...

Good luck with the end of the semester!!!

Gabi said...

Congrats with your B. Cholesterol down sounds to me the most important point. And to be honest...I don't believe in the ways they measure Body Mass Index and Body Fat. That are all guesses in the end, and often enough not exact. It takes only one person not really well in measuring, and you're WAY off. And the machines you can forget anyway. These are a joke. It's simple as simple can be. If you trained more then you did before, then you gained muscles. Period. That is simply how the body works. Which explains the weight...and is supported by the changed cholesterol level. And the BMI and BF...that reading was most likely rubbish. Or the first...or the second...or (most likely) both.

Nancy said...

Ok, where's the date details?

Emily said...

Glad you did OK on your test. Also that your cholesterol went down, the weight will follow. What's happening with the "new" guy, or have I missed that??

5footrunt said...

I agree with Gabi, you can really rely on these types of things. Bottom line is your much healthier than you were before. I am glad you got a B on your test. You worked really hard on that. Seen the new guy 3 times eh, I hope this all works out for you ! :o)

CJ said...

Okay Meari -

Sorry you got sunburned and I am glad test #3 went well. Now what about the new "guy", did you hit send beofre you enetered your date info?? We are anxiously waiting for an update.


Kelly said...

Good luck with the rest of your courses.
I totally agree with Gabi Meari, so don't beat yourself up.

valerie said...

Marvelous Meari...go take a peek at my blog! :) You'll have to wait a bit though because things have turned insane at work and dealing with broken down BF is trying.

And I am with everyone else...where are the new guy updates?! Your public wants to know! Good to hear school is ok and almost over for the semester. Yay!

Danni said...


Good luck with your classes and congratulations on the guy... I think you may have found a keeper!

As for your get fit challenge-- how was your body fat percentage measured? Certain methods of measurement are not very accurate and can be swayed by things such as the amount of water you have drank, etc. You made some positive progress, and that is something to be proud of! Good luck as you continue to try to get healthy.

Sadie said...

I think sometimes it can be so counter-productive to be weighed and measured. As long as you are happy and you continue with your excercise to hell with the numbers!
Hope your sunburn isn't too bad x.
Have a great week.